ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK! 3rd to 6th of March!

Dear all!

After several weeks with loads of activities: DR, tutorials, lectures and podcast, here we have a new week, with less intense schedule:

1- Wednesday the 4th of March, from 9:30am to 17:00pm, in room 132. Structural Consultan session with our fantastic Roberto Marín. Starting with 4th years, please choose the most suitable running order for you. Once we finish with year 4, we will kindly ask Roberto to have a fast session with all 5th years (please select a challenging structural component of the design to focus the attention to this matter).

Please bring:

- seismic and other environmental diagrams relevan to you your structure: wind, temperature range, salinity of the wind…etc.

- structural diagrams: drawings of the load transmission to foundations in your structure.

- structural materials: description of materials from top to foundations.

- construction details you are having in mind.

all the best!

Izaskun, Roberto & Carlos

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REFERENCE, On the Cover, CLOUD 9.

Cloud 9, an award-winning Barcelona-based firm known for its dynamic, cutting-edge architecture, has collaborated with Art Center’s Environmental Design Department to design and fabricate a work/play pavilion for a residential site located on Spain’s Costa Brava. Students from multiple disciplines were challenged to create an innovative structure that would draw inspiration from the local environment (a Mediterranean hillside amid tall pine trees), integrate new media, and become a case study for future projects. Cloud 9 director Enric Ruiz-Geli, imbued by Buckminster Fuller’s interest in natural geometry and parametric design, gave students their brief in February 2013 and followed up with regular visits as the project progressed. Concepts were developed and prototyped at the College’s Hillside Campus in Pasadena before being implemented at the construction site in Spain. The Transdisciplinary Studio became a living laboratory as the students experimented—on stovetops, in backyards and even on the beach—making windows out of pine resin, forming furniture from sand, and designing a “sound garden” that produces music triggered by the interaction between humans and plants. The partially completed structure (photographed this past July and pictured on our cover) began with a giant, igloo-shaped balloon inflated to support the web-like formwork of rugged fabric, into which a lightweight, high-strength concrete mix was injected. A circular plywood “plug” creates the standoff for the oblong window forms. When finished, the windows will frame textured, translucent panes made of amber-colored pine resin; and the plugs will be translated into furnishings made from a mixture of sand from the site and a bio-resin developed by the student team. Cloud 9 was first introduced to Art Center by Graphic Design Chair Nik Hafermaas in 2012, and the project was coordinated by Art Center’s Educational Partnerships office and Environmental Design Chair David Mocarski, with lead faculty James Meraz, Jason Pilarski (MFA 97) and Kenneth Cameron.



Principal Architect:

Enric Ruiz-Geli

Project Architect:

Marc Zaragoza


Victor Llanos

Mireia Luzarraga

Felix Fassbinder


Alberto Delgado

Stuart Maggs

Chiara Paolini

Glafki Antoniou

Iker Mugarra

Kenneth Cameron

Mireia Pallarès

Juan Carlos Avila

Marga Ruiz

Kass Kajang

Dori Sadan

Victor Comeche

Mila Moskalenko

Carla Bach

Niccolo Marini


Environmental Design:

David Mocarski, Chair


Prof. James Meraz

Jason Pilarski

Kenneth Cameron

Student participants:

Wen Han

Marc Dubui

Sean Chen

Ina Kanoki

JD Clark

Stefanie Dhillon

Andrew Walton

Anastasia Hanan

Stella Lee

Jacques Perralt

Ryan Oenning

Kit Cheong

Jimmy Lin

Ji A You

Paul Hoppe

Shani Park

Core student group and on-site team:

Wen Han

Marc Dubui

Sean Chen

Sound/music collaboration:

Colin Honigman


via On the Cover | Dot Magazine | Fall 2014 | Art Center College of Design.

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Lecture – Cristina Diaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda

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ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK, 23 and 27 of February

Dear all!

As tomorrow I´m going to be in the verge of a nervous breakdown, I prefere to post it now that I don´t have to screw plastic pipes anywhere.

The actities of the week are the following:

1- WEDNESDAY THE 25th, starting at 9:30am in room 132: 4th years meeting with our DR Structural Consultant Roberto Marín. All 5th years are invited to follow the session to learn from all 4th years structural cases!

In order to prepare the session, Roberto has to check the work in advance. So the 4th years who have not posted so far, please do it during Monday morning.

2- WEDNESDAY THE 25th, 6.30pm – 8pm, Rm. G02, 140 Hampstead Road. AMID.cero9 Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén Garcia Grinda.

please!!! don´t miss this!!!! it is like reading Xiaoying in musical terms!:


Izaskun, Roberto and Carlos

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LECTURES!, Movement for Liveable London

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Structural Development – Han Hao

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AMID.cero9 Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén Garcia Grinda

Wednesday 25 Feb 2015
6.30pm – 8pm
No booking required / First come, first seated
Rm. G02, 140 Hampstead Road

Third Natures: Rare New Species

In this lecture, architects Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén Garcia Grinda, of the Madrid-based studio AMID.cero9, will talk about their recent book, Third Natures: A Micropedia. The book presents 15 years of speculations, projects and built proposals by AMID.cero9 and their collaborators. Taking the form of a condensed encyclopaedia, its content is arranged alphabetically as a dictionary of terms that collectively represent architecture’s ‘third nature’. Projects are shown through drawings, models, objects and photographs. Their approach, both critical and celebratory, is based on the emergence of new, extreme and unexpected forms of beauty.

Cristina Díaz Moreno & Efrén Garcia Grinda are architects and founders of AMID.cero9. They are Diploma Unit Masters at the Architectural Association (AA) in London and recently held a professorship at the Institut für Kunst und Architektur in Vienna. Since 1998 they have been teaching together in Madrid (in parallel at ETSAM and ESAYA UEM) and have been visiting professors and lecturers throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. Their projects have been widely disseminated and they have won more than 40 prizes in national and international competitions. Their projects and writings of the last fifteen years were documented last winter in the exhibition and publication Third Natures: A Micropedia. More recently they have constructed the headquarters for the Institución Libre de Enseñanza in Madrid.

The lecture will be followed by drinks hosted by the Bartlett Architecture Student Society (BASS).

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