ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK, 26th to 31st of MAY!

Dear all!


Just straight away, we let you know which are the activities of the week that starts right now!

1- MONDAY 25th of May, 4th years: THE MODELS TO THE CAVE. ​Don´t forget to put your first term models in the allocated rooms (132, 133, 140) today. FIRST TERM, SECOND TERM AND FINAL MODELS. Remember your mark depends as well on your academic evolution! so make a point.

2- TUESDAY 26th of May, 4th years: Please submit your portfolios between 9am -10am only, to room 204, 140 Hampstead Road. Models should be submitted to either rooms 132, 133 or 140.

3- TUESDAY 26th of May, 4th years: FROM 11:00 TO 13:00 Please upload the information to the BLOG! It is crucial! I´ll arrive to London on Wednesday morning to present your work. So I need the whole afternoon to study. I cannot do it after 21:00.

a- ONLY ONE POST, WITH FOLLOWING NAME: FINAL PORTFOLIO+FULL NAME. If you have several PDF upload them in the same post please (this is just for keeping a certain digital hygiene).

b- WHAT: optimize PDF for fast web visualization (around 20MG if possible).

c- WHEN: from 11:00 to 13:00.

4- TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY 27th of MAY: traditionally, the 4th years will help the 5th years to finish their work. As always, we love to give some advice regarding the organization. So 4th years on top of helping, end up learning a lot from the experience. So let us know if you have established some collaborative binds, and if not, we will send you an email.

5- THURSDAY THE 28th of MAY, 5th years: I would love to see all our 5th years, so I could help if you need some advice. I´ll be at the Bartlett, so let me know if you need it. In this meeting I need you to present me the full portfolio.

HERE IT IS:​!!!!!!

Izaskun and Carlos.

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REFERENCE, Zemer Peled in the Collect Art Fair!!!!!

As part of a new body of work on view at the COLLECT Art Fair which opens today in London, artist Zemer Peled (previously) created a new series of “blooming” sculptures from assorted ceramic shards. The new pieces include her continued use of blue cobalt found in traditional Japanese pottery that has been smashed with a hammer and arranged in the form of large blossoms. Peled also constructs much larger cactus-like pieces that can tower several feet tall or even span floor to ceiling. You can see several more new blooms in herportfolio, and catch her on the May cover of Ceramics Monthly. Peled is represented at COLLECT by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.


New Blooms of Ceramic Shards by Zemer Peled | Colossal.

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REFERENCE, Ignacio Canales Aracil

Timmy!!! I forgot to post it before…

Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil creates vessels reminiscent of upside-down baskets using nothing but pressed flowers. The art of flower pressing dates back thousands of years; pressed flowers were reportedly discovered in a 3,000-year-old coffin of Tutankhamun’s mother in Egypt, and both Greek and Roman botanists were known to preserve plants using techniques that continue today. But Aracil’s method is a bit different, relying on large cone-shaped molds into which carefully woven patches of hand-picked flower stems are placed. The pieces dry for up to a month without the aid of adhesives and are sprayed with a light varnish to protect the sculpture from moisture. The final pieces, which could be crushed with even the slightest weight, are rigid enough to stand without support.

Aracil currently has work as part of a group show at Lucia Mendoza gallery in Madrid through the end of February, and you can see much more over on his website.

Delicate Vessels Sculpted with Pressed Flowers by Ignacio Canales Aracil | Colossal.

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Li layout-A0

150505 A0

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Testing Model Schematic Diagram

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