Dear all!!

The 8th week has come with cold winter wind… but blue sky occasionally. Without more introduction, here we go with the ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK:

  • PLEXUS 20: “three years later, G02, from 6:30 pm. SPEAKERS: Davide Quayola, Gilles Retsin, Kibwe Tavares // Factory Fifteen, Mustafa El Sayed // Automata.
  • BARTLETT DRAWING CLUB, from 19:30 to 21:30. As always, this clubs celebrate the joy of creativity! Drawing coach, materials, model and tea = 5£.
  • WEDNESDAY, volunteer tutorials if you need some extra point of view. In preparation for next week CRITS (Wednesday and Thursday), we think it is time to concentrate and produce. So for those that want to have a conversation about your project, I’ll be ready! We have a room booked, but if you prefer we can do it in the studio. Let me know if you are interested commenting in this post.
  • WEDNESDAY, INTERNATIONA LECTURES, 6:30pm, Chemistry Lecture Theatre: Adam Greenfield will discuss alternatives the current dominant conception of technologised urbanity, specifically four aspects involved in the production of networked urban environments from the bottom up: people making data, people making things, people making places and people making networks.Adam Greenfieldis author of Everyware: The dawning age of ubiquitous computing (2006), Against the smart city (2013) and The city is here for you to use (forthcoming from Verso). His practice Urbanscale is dedicated to design for networked cities and citizens. Previously a Senior Urban Fellow at LSE Cities, Adam now co-teaches on the Bartlett School of Architecture’s MArch Urban Design cluster ‘Architectures of Participation’ with Usman Haque.

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                                 ,.,.,.,,,      .,…. ….. (((()))***** !!

                                PLEASE HAVE FUN (healthy one ;)



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Dear all! here we go with the ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK Nº 7!

  1. BARTLETT DRAWING CLUB. Monday the 16th of November: like Leonce Raphael Agbodjélou, LET’S FIND the beauty of life….. tonight from 7:30-9:30pm, just £5 to drop-in with all materials included. We are at 140 Hampstead Road, NW1 2BX, room 131. I´ll take the bread I´ve baked for this marvellous location…. this time is rosemary, thyme, almonds and sesame seeds. Please choose the running order according to what is more convenient for you with a comment. 
  2. WEDNESDAY, 5th years ONE TO ONE TUTORIALS, 140HR 139, from 9:30am. We are having the first Thesis meeting at 3:30 pm, so as you are 10 5th years we should see you most of you before 3:30, and the ones we have not seen by then, will be seen after the meeting.
  3. INTERNATIONAL LECTURE SERIES, 18th of November, G02. Chemistry auditorium. Renowned landscape architect James Corner will discuss current ideas about the design of vibrant urban public spaces, the importance of seeing cities as landscapes, and the capacity for landscape to create new forms of city-making. He will present his designs for New York’s High Line, Santa Monica’s Tongva Park and London’s South Park at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, among other innovative public realm projects around the world. A new book, The High Line, published by Phaidon, will be available for sale and signing by James after the talk. James Corner is a leading-edge landscape architect and founder of James Corner Field Operations, based in New York City. He is also professor of landscape and urbanism at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. He has won numerous awards, including the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award, the Architecture Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the D&AD Black Pencil Award.
  4. THURSDAY, 4TH YEARS TUTORIALS. 140HR 138, from 9:00 to 14:00Please choose the running order according to what is more convenient for you with a comment. 

This is one of my favorites podcast of all times:


Izaskun and Carlos

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Dear all!

0- MONDAY 9th of November. 19:30/21:30 in 140 Hampstead Road, room 133. Just to let you know! For those interested in improving/practising their drawing techniques. Some tutors and students from the Bartlett have created a club to meet and carry on training ourselves in the discovery of the complexity of Human Body. It is a very relaxing and fun experience. We hire a Model+Tutor(Covadonga)+materials+tea=5£.

1- VOLUNTEER TUTORIALS: 140HR, room 140. After last week CRIT it is time to make the Armillar Spheres and the projects evolve. So in order not to make more informational noise, I’ll be available for those who need to have an extra conversation, or the ones that could not attend the CRIT. I would like to start with Timmy and Max, and then I’ll be ready to carry on. Let me know answering to this post, THANK YOU!

2- INTERNATIONAL LECTURE SERIES, WEDNESDAY THE 11th of Novembre. 18.30 – 20.00. UCL Chemistry Auditorium. 20 Gordon Street | WC1H 0AJ | No booking required | first come, first seated. Based in Barcelona, Barozzi / Veiga was established by Fabrizio Barozzi and Alberto Veiga in 2004. The practice has won numerous prizes in national and international competitions and its portfolio includes public buildings such as museums, concert halls, schools and offices. Among their realised buildings are the re-modelling and extension of the headquarters of the Ruling Board for Guarantee of Origin for the Spanish Ribera del Duero wine growing region in Roa and the Philharmonic House in Szczecin, Poland.

Next week Izaskun and I will be available on Wednesday 18th and Thrusday the 19th, so plenty of time to have one to one tutorials having the final term CRIT in mind.

The students from Vietnam are very excited and ready to go! THAN YOU TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD! Here is the link to their THE OTHER HERITAGE facebook page: page THE OTHER HERITAGE PROJECT

loads of energy

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midTERM1submission Elaine Tsang Yuen Nam


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midTERM1submission Whitney Heitung Wong


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midTERM1submission Timmy Yoon

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midTERM1submission Laura Young

midTERM1submission Laura Young

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