William George Horner (1786 – 22 September 1837) was a British mathematician and schoolmaster. The invention of the zoetrope, in 1834 and under a different name (Daedaleum), has been attributed to him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_George_Horner

The ZEOTROPE is the Third Optical Toy. The First Optical Toy being the Thaumatrope which was used by PM Roget to demonstrate the principle of “Persistence of Vision” in 1824. Spin a coin on edge on a counter and you will seem to see both sides at once. That is the idea of the Thaumatrope. The Second Optical Toy is the Phenakistascope. Plateau and Stampfer followed up on Faraday’s experiments in 1832 to produce the Phenakistascope which uses slits around the edge of a disc to act as the slots in the Zoetrope. The viewer holds the spinning disc up to a mirror and looks through the back side of the disc to see the reflection of the moving images through the slits. Eadweard Muybridge used a Projection Phenakistoscope to first publically exhibit his photographic motion studies in 1879. In 1877, Reynaud invented his Praxinoscope which used mirrors in the center of a spinning drum to reflect images on a strip so that the moving images appear in a fixed area like a movie screen. There is no shortage of valuable information of the Internet regarding these and other important Cinema History inventions.

In 2006 , after decades of research and teaching the history of motion pictures, especially Pre-Cinema devices, Professor George C Hall of Jerome, AZ began a new series of experiments. The result is L’ Affirmatrope, which is based on the 1834 invention of the Zoetrope or Wheel of Life and is inspired by the Tibetan Prayer Wheel.

a- http://www.silentmovies.com/zoetrope/zoetropestrips.htm

b- http://www.silentmovies.com/zoetrope/education/lessons.htm

Home-made ZEOTROPE: http://www.instructables.com/id/Zoetrope/

Home-made electrified ZEOTROPE with recycled parts:

a- http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/08/build-an-electrified-zoet.html

b- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWHvq7Yfty4

ZEOTROPE artist: Retchy (aka Graeme Hawkins) is an animator, vj and sound designer based in Dundee, Scotland. He has worked on feature films (Sylvain Chomet’s Oscar nominated ‘The Illusionist’) and nationally broadcast TV adverts, and is now going freelance with his idiosyncratic, experimental approach to animation. He likes playing about with animation techniques, and is especially interested in the combination of old and new technologies and ideas, like hand drawn projection mapping and 3D Zoetropes.

a- http://www.retchy.com/pages/project_zoetrope.html

b- http://vimeo.com/9094727

Gary Aden ZEOTROPE Adventure:

a- http://www.v27.org/files/LegoZoetrope.htm

b- http://www.v27.org/files/LegoZoetrope2010.htm

c- http://www.v27.org/files/Get%20Animated%20Zoetrope.htm

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