Dear all,

I inform you I will be at the Bartlett this afternoon, from 15:00 to 18:00 trying to solve Users BLOG’s problems, and of course, to solve any doubt or question you might have about your communities and tomorrow presentation.

Yesterday afternoon I went to check the BOOKING ROOM BOOK at the Office to book a room for our tomorrow session, but they were updating it, therefore, I still cannot tell you where are we going to do it.

In my last general e-mail (from this moment to the end of the year I won’t use the e-mail any more, unless for extremely important/prived reasons), I asked to post your vulnerable community information in the BLOG to make the presentation more smooth, and I forgot to ask you as well to click the 2011-2012 category together with the rest of categories related in the category menu displayed on the right of the screen every time you upload a post.

Thank you very much for your attention, and please, as some students might not be used to check the blog everyday, spread the news as Autumn brids do.


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  1. I think this posting thing works now…!

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