1st hand in, alex


Project01: Concentric Zoetrope

Session01: Vulnerable community

My chosen vulnerable community is unemployed. Since unemployment in general is considered too broad, I have narrowed it down and decided to focus on unemployed people in long-term unemployment with family to support i.e. average age 35-retirement, living in London. The reason for this is because people who are unemployed for a long time, they become less confident and get more isolated from the society thus, more difficult for them to find a job.

The area I am going to focus is Tottenham. According to the Haringey Council statistics figures, Haringey has one of the highest unemployment rates in London. And as we have witnessed over this summer, Tottenham of Haringey was seen as one of the most violently active areas from the London riots. And during this riot, David Lammy MP has stated, “Tottenham already has the highest unemployment rate in London. People were suffering long before this riots.” 08/08/11. The Guardian.

Additionally, Haringey is one of the most divided boroughs in London that of its 19 wards, four are in the richest 10% such as Crouch End, Highgate and Musehill on the west and five are in the poorest 10% such as Tottenham green and St Ann’s on the east.

I am going to visit Tottenham to analysis their everyday activities by recording their houses and streets. It also would be interesting to compare Tottenham and Highgate to see the two different living conditions between the ‘poor’ and ‘rich.’

From this experiment I am hoping to develop 6 designs from domestic scale to urban scale in relation to the economy, technology and environment.

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