Dear All,

I post this information in order to clarify people’s duties and tasks for this and next week:

1- POST DESCRIBING THE SELECTED COMMUNITY: after the wonderful general session we had last Wednesday, we all decided to upload a new POST describing the final selected community, and the dead line for this little submission was Thursday afternoon. A brief POST summarizing some important data (exactly as you did in the first POST).

My task consist on selecting specific references for each of you.

2- SIX DESIGN COLLECTION HAND IN: the deadline submission was scheduled by Monday (we can delay it till 20:00 pm on Monday). This hand in is important to start thinking in solutions related to our specific VULNERABLE REALITY selected, in the mood of Wendell Berry ( . After analysing the success/failures of the extended protocols for solving problems and the consequences theses “solutions” have produced, Wendell Berry proposed a new protocol that consist on solving a problem by acting in many different areas and scales of the problem’s context, this maximize the effectiveness of the solution and reduces the creation of new problems).

a- 6 different designs: The collection of designs should consist on 6 different designs, each one produced with the more effective media available (physical model, 3d model, collage, hand drawing, digital drawing, sketches, prototyping, video…..etc).

b- areas and scales: 

– Each design will focus in a different scale, going from the device scale, to the inhabitable scale.

-The must be focus in supporting/reinforcing/solving a significant action of the selected VULNERABLE REALITY coming from different areas of the VULNERABILITY context.

-The materiality, technical approach, protocol of interaction etc should be specific to each design.

c- definition: They don’t have to be a finished product. Each design will have a different degree of development.

Please, post any commentary or doubt you might have….

Thank you very much for your attention,


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