fao Mr S from Mr P


check this website out. I think you might find it interesting for your topic (or at least an alternative angle to the self build idea using existing housing stock) http://emptyhomes.com/what-we-do-2/

Also, this article about empty housing in London is a hoot. http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/content/articles/2006/09/25/kurt_empty_homes_feature.shtml







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2 Responses to fao Mr S from Mr P

  1. Hi Sinan,

    The vacant NL exhibition from the venice biennale 2010 seems quite relevant too, and maybe the discussion that was had with koolhaas about it too, havent read it in full but im sure its easy to find and may be quite useful….


  2. 20112012sinanp says:

    Thanks all shall have a look at the suggestions!

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