Dear All,

This is the POST that describes our activities of the week.




1- Tuesday morning, CROSSED COMMENTARIES:

After producing the first design collections, we invite you all to POST individually a brief commentary about our colleagues work, around 30 word per commentary (TWEET style). This commentaries can be text, links to videos, web pages…etc. This is in fact, an attempt to look closer to our brief. In order to focus our look in a deeper and professional way, each one of you would have an specific role (each role has been extracted form the design attitudes of the Brief. The task consist on posting 2 commentaries MINIMUM per colleague hand in, focusing in the designs that seems to be less close to the DARE TO CARE perspective. I’ve done the assignation throwing a coin, so please, don’t look for further reasons:

Akmal & Sinan:We will measure the quality of architecture by its ability to represent the interest and

programs of others.

-Megan T. & Kaowen:We will abandon anthropocentrism rejecting human activities as more important than

natural events.

-Clarissa & Alex:We will accept and include the legitimacy of different aesthetical repertoires. Tenderness,

Closeness, Affection has not been part of the architects’ official aesthetics but will be part of

the “structure of feelings” that our projects will promote.

– Megan S. & Rachel: We will include the ecological limits and dependence of everything we design.

Liwei & Paul L-W:We want our colleagues to learn to build clues from observing, participating and

experimenting. Knowledge coming from sharing the future performance of our architecture

will be postulated as much more reliable than that deducted from theoretical propositions.

William & Michelle:We will take care of architecture rights, architecture will deserve our interest not matter how

small, peripheral or academically irrelevant seem at first glance.

Negin: We will consider any waste or small part of already used materials as candidates to create

new components for our architecture.

Julian: We won´t avoid break, mistake or error. On the contrary, we will look for creating breakable

conditions that not only can be relevant academically, but can ensure reversibility or that

stimulate adaptation and change.

– Claire:We won´t promote a merely romantic attitude. Use of digital and interactive technology will

be encouraged. The aims and goals for its use would not only include technical show of but

a real empowering the all users’ communities.

– Paul Mc:We will aim the students to take care of themselves -body and soul- as experimental

approach to their designs.

2- Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, DESIGN EVOLUTION: After studding the colleagues commentaries, you should start designing improvements of the previous projects.

3- Thursday, ONE TO ONE TUTORIALS: I will be at the Bartlett form 9:00 to 18:00 for one to one tutorials with all of you. Please, divide the day in half an hour slots and choose the most suitable for you by posting a commentary to this post. I will have lunch form 14:00 to 14:30.

9:00am, SINAN

9:30am, NEGIN

10:00am, MICHELLE

10:30am, PAUL M.

11:00am, MEGAN S.

11:30am, PAUL L.M.

12:00am, JULIAN

12:30pm, CLAIRE

13:00pm, AKMAL

13:30pm, CLARISSA


14:30pm, KAOWEN

15:00pm, MEGAN T.

15:30pm, ALEX

16:00pm, RACHEL

16:30pm, WILL


Again, Thank you very much for your attention!


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18 Responses to NEXT STEPS OF THE WEEK

  1. 20112012megansmedy says:

    Hi Carlos.
    Please may I have the 11am morning slot on Thursday.
    Thank you

    xx Megan

  2. can i have 12pm please.. thank you

  3. 20112012michelleyoung says:


    Can I take the 10:00am slot please! x

  4. 20112012manamon says:

    Hey carlos,
    May I have 10:30am, pretty please.
    Paul M

  5. 20112012paullw says:


    Could I have 11:30am please.


    Paul LW

  6. 20112012neguin says:

    hi carlos, can i have 9:30am please..apologies for the delay in my hand-in..

  7. 20112012sinanp says:

    a busy tailed 9am please, hand in on way ASAP, thanks

  8. 20112012sinanp says:

    bushy even….

  9. Can I grab the 12.30 slot?
    Thanks : )

  10. 20112012megantownsend says:

    Hi!! Could I have the 3pm slot please?

    Thank you


  11. Hi, I’ll catch you after lunch?2.30pm please?


  12. Hi Carlos,

    May I have the 1300 session please?


    P.s: I think Clarissa might want to book at 1330 because we both got H&T seminar from 1400 to 1700.

  13. Can I grab 15:30pm slot please?

  14. Yes, Akmal is right, 13.30 Please!
    Thank you,

  15. Hi Carlos,
    Please can I have the 17.00 slot.

  16. 20112012rachel says:

    may i have the 16:00 slot please?

  17. Dear Carlos,
    I’m reaqlly sorry but am running about half an hour late for the tutorial today. I imagine I might miss you, but will come in just in case you are still there. Otherwise I will be there tomorrow if there is sny chance to see you?

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