six designs, KHO_VC_handin1


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4 Responses to six designs, KHO_VC_handin1

  1. Instead of having different clothes to wear when they go outside they could have different faces so they can enjoy outside life without worrying about being photographed by paparazzi. Inspired by face/off

  2. 20112012paullw says:

    As far as the royals as an exhibition, it may be worth looking at the court of Louis XIV at Versailles. He dressed and undressed at the beginning and end of the day in public ceremonies, and people filed past to watch while he ate dinner. Watching the king eat was a great priviliedge, and invitations were extended and withdrawn to remind of the kings power.

    I assume you’ve already found the Royal Channel on Youtube?

  3. I vote for Made in Windsor. I genuinely think it would be a huge success. Whether it might bring up “are my taxes paying for THAT!?” issues is another matter. The world tour would definitely be a success and would probably earn enough money to cover all their luncheons, weddings and patronage trips abroad. I still think poor kate needs fat suit though…

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