My 6 designs have been developed from research I have done, as well as comments from people and interview transcripts from a study on ‘ mental health and well-being’.

The main message I got from my research was that the women needed reasons and opportunities for social encounters outside of the home. Comments were made that open community courses, family and children’s centres and free gym membership schemes have been extremely successful amongst the women in these communities in tackling problems of isolation and depression.


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6 Responses to SIX DESIGN HAND IN Claire

  1. Maybe they can improve their english and teach their own languages to existing community via a device that listen, translate and speak. Oh, beautiful drawings by the way!

  2. 20112012paullw says:

    Not sure if you are still focussing on Somers Town, but maybe worth considering if/why the existing facilities are failling women, and alterations/adaptations that could be made.

    Polygon Road Open Space outdoor gym
    Somers Town Community Association
    British Library on the edge of Somers Town

  3. 20112012neguin says:

    Beautifully presented!! The first one is very sweet. There is perhaps a lack of differentiation between, or definition of, the material qualities of each of the 6 proposals, so it is worth revisiting each now and assigning materials which will then add another dimension to the designs – some silly examples maybe the window planters could be made of hanging lengths of clear hosepipes? And within the pipes you can find a way of filtering water through…the light carpet can be produced with fabrics in a womens workshop looking at each of their local patterns/heritage/aesthetics…the walking route could be a collage of local demolition and other materials in new formations..and so forth.

    • 20112012neguin says:

      that goes under the category: We will consider any waste or small part of already used materials as candidates to create new components for our architecture.

  4. 20112012manamon says:

    I really like your drawings too. I want to show you the work a unit 22 5th year did last year about tackling isolation in the community and encouraging social encounters. He turned housework into an economic activity. The project operated similarly to a market, with different ‘stalls’ offering different services for sale – for instance a laundry ‘stall’ and a child care ‘stall’. Various precedents exist for such schemes such as the social economy network in Quebec called ‘Chantier de l’economie social’. What this means is that the scheme is part funded by the local government and also generates it’s own income through residents selling housework services to the community, which they would have usually done for free in their own home. I will try and get a couple of references from him for you.

  5. We will measure the quality of architecture by its ability to represent the interest and programs of others:

    Your vulnerable community tied at home are most likely because of religious factor. I have the idea which is quite similar to the not-so-secret staircase. It is a program/space inside a housing scheme (flats) that consist only of a mezzanine floors instead of the conventional floor slab. Mezzanine levels will increase interaction, sight/view and sound. People could just shout to their neighbor for if they need to borrow some spice to cook.

    Off-topic: I love the tone of your drawing, it portrays vulnerable emotion in it.

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