2nd hand in, alex

Unemployed adult in a living room

Notes to self…

1.  Interactive clock/calendar/planner. Integrated in a wall which is linked to tv and mobile phone. It memorises previous interviews (suggest improvements needed) and future interviews and vacancies to help him/her to get a job. Also it reminds him/her of everyday household routine i.e. watering plants, recycling, exercising, etc

2. Game. more exercise he/she does, more electricity he/she can generate and store for your household. Also can interact with other people online where they can compete for who can generate more electricity.

3. Scan. QR barcode bracelet for him/her to wear. QR barcodes inside a living room to check heating/cooling (how much required)/electricity (how much used and needed)/plants (check moisture level, growth, light) etc etc

4. Hobby. Create own furniture made out from recycled materials such as newspaper and cans.

5. Growing own snack. Redesign a stand or chandelier

6. Worn out Jeans. Used not only for insulation but for sofa, cushion, carpet and curtain

Six Design Hand-in_Alex Kim – (pdf)

Six Design Hand-in_Alex Kim – (issuu)

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8 Responses to 2nd hand in, alex

  1. Dear Alex! you are the first one posting!

    I’ve tried to see the information, but it is very difficult due to the size of it, or any other thing that I don’t know. I think that it would be great if you upload it to issuu. At least, we are not going to use all our storage data capacity this month. Please, if you don’t mind, try to do it because it is very simple ( upload them in a reduced version to issuu http://issuu.com/ by creating a free account. Then, you only have to paste the embed code to the post and we will have a pre-visualization of the pdf instantaneously).

    At the moment everything seems to be quite laboured, but it is just a question of digital hygiene that is very important in a BLOG.

    Thank you very much!


  2. Dear Carlos,

    My apologies for that.
    Please find the link to a pdf file uploaded to issuu that has now been added in my post.



  3. 20112012paullw says:

    I felt that the recycled furniture/reused materials was interesting, as it potentially offers an unemployed person a business, and a real solution to unemployment. Most recycled furniture seems to be designed to show off http://www.netropolitan.org/gehry/chair2.gif Maybe there are more material-efficient forms?

    Adding insulation is also interesting. I think it might be worth considering social housing/housing benefit, that may only be a temporary situation for the uemployed person. Maybe a survival/adaptation kit that makes social housing a comfortable space, but does not permanently alter the space?

  4. 20112012neguin says:

    “We will consider any waste or small part of already used materials as candidates to create new components for our architecture.”
    I like that there is a general “feel good” or comfort creating programmatic and material agenda and in every design efforts have been made to use whatever is existing down to the body itself and flesh of the house. I wonder whether the proposals could break away from the home as a site – they remain as quite solitary users. The recycled furniture is an interesting idea that could do this. Could you begin to now add more detail to that proposal, first by looking at unemployment patterns and identifying who the different kind of skilled/unskilled workers are and what different skills or expertise they can offer each other. In identifying specific skills and professions prevalent in uneployment statistics you can then define materials and manufacturing techniques in your recylcled furniture business – for instance what can bankers, or school teachers, or dress makers contribute to design and making. Maybe you can open up an innovative skill-swapping school where unemployed people teach each other new things…

  5. 20112012rachel says:

    I really like the second design theme; movement=electricity. I remember an article about charging your ipod or iphone by simply connecting a wired device that can transfer the energy over to your items while you pedal your way. Maybe it would be interesting to design something like a journey of your cycle and corresponded visible results from that, or some storage place that can save people’s energy like ‘human plant’!

  6. We will measure the quality of architecture by its ability to represent the interest and programs of others:

    I feels that the 6 design proposals are just complement to each other. You might one to group few proposals of design together to form a more effective programs; ‘survive against all odds’ is the theme that suits proposal 02, 04, 05, 06 where the unemployed need not to worries about daily maintenance. It gives thorough effects for the vulnerable community too.

    The fact of being unemployed affects people more emotionally rather than the physical. Thus I want to suggest a programs for them to express their emotion. It can be a combination of active programs; karaoke (scream their heart out) + kickboxing + sports, or passive programs; paintings + poetry + acting. They will be recorded/observed and secretly audition/interview to a new job that fit them better besides makes them occupy with activity and meet others who are in the same situation.

    Best wishes!

  7. I think i posted something similar on paul’s designs but i really like the idea of generating electricity from everyday activities or exercise. You could experiment with technologies like this:
    -harvesting energy from vibrations, friction and even small air movements and disturbances

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