six designs hand in- Rachel Cha

design 1

design 2

design 3

design 4

design 5

design 6



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3 Responses to six designs hand in- Rachel Cha

  1. I thought your idea about the camera hiding device was quite interesting. since they are exposed in outside if the photographer him/herself can become invisible like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak it can protect them from scary animals.
    Also maybe creating a portable hut which could protect the landscape photographers from the harsh environments while waiting for a perfect moment to take a photograph. It could be constructed out of recycled materials.

  2. 20112012paullw says:

    The ‘Claude Glass’ may be of some interest to you, used by amateur painters to replica the style of Claude Lorrain, and for tourists to experience real life landscapes as paintings:

  3. Maybe you could look at ways photographers can create interesting shots and how they can distort and change the landscape themselves, instead of relying on traditional simple photography which leaves them dependent on the landscape itself.
    e.g. playing with focus, depth of field, perspective or lighting to alter an image’s scale or mood etc, without using modern technology
    -like tlit-shift photography which seems to have become pretty popular in art, adverts and film-making recently and can be achieved through altering the camera’s depth of field…
    i think this has been done digitally but anyway, you get the ides

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