Vulnerable Community Selection, Akmal Afandi Azhar

I’m sorry for the super late post. Initially I do not find the significant of this post because I assume that I already makes Carlos aware of my final choice by having a tutorial last week. But then, I just realized that this post is crucial as we are doing the cross commentary tomorrow morning. People might need to trace back my previous post, so I will post it anyway.

The vulnerable community is The Internal Human Organ Community. We are very close to this community, but yet feels very far. I found several very interesting issues that threatened this community; Organ Transplant, Organ Black Market, Organ Bank, Transplant Tourism and Legalised of Organ Trade.

But then, Carlos is right, these issues are interrelated to the other big factors that I am not expert with; Social, Economic, Cultural, Law, Medical and so on and I might end-up doing another hospital. I am thinking of doing things like an underwater aquarium that works as a display area for an Organ Bank or Organ Legal Trade Market. But I am surely need a lot of deep research and time to be able to study that.

I have finally figure-out the 6 Designs (well mine is 5 actually) and the scope is being redefine to improve the productivity of The Internal Human Organ Community which indirectly results to improve of external whole body performance in daily life. However, I would still love to relate the design to the previously interesting issues, we will figure it out later.


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4 Responses to Vulnerable Community Selection, Akmal Afandi Azhar

  1. Really interesting list of designs you have here!
    I was thinking maybe a brain food to thank the brain for all of the hard work..? or a tablet that taste like a blood for the bloody-hungry vampires…? Sorry not much of a help…

  2. 20112012manamon says:

    tricky subject matter, but my first thoughts were some sort of organ bank were people meet to exchange organs or body parts. Or possibly a place were one could have their organs temporarily removed and the organs could undergo a spa treatment to bring them back up to full health. Your organs can have a full massage and a relaxing experience before being returned to their owners. Literally a full outer body experience!!!

  3. 20112012michelleyoung says:

    I really like your approach to the project!

    The Internal Human Organ Community is a great idea….a possible idea to look at is just general awareness of health? Informing public about what we can do to keep fit and stay healthy? You could be really funny/creative with these designs/billboards/etc. Really use social media and advertising to the fullest to get the message out! x

  4. Guys i think u should comment on the 6 Design Hand in:

    This post is just to confirm my final selection of vulnerable community.
    But thanks anyway!

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