Dear All,
As you can see in the Blue e-mail pasted here bellow, the Bartlett Office is looking for two student representative of every UNIT, one year 4 student and one year 5 student.
Please, I would very happy is there are some voluntaries to have this new role at the UNIT. There is a lot to be done/improve in the Bartlett and the UCL.
CANDIDATES!, PLEASE, POST A COMMENTARY TO THIS POST. If there is no people I have to select to of you anyway….  
Thank you very much.
Dear Staff 
The first Staff, Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) will take place on Wednesday 2nd November 201, at 2pm in Room G01. In preparation for this meeting we would ask that each unit / programme to nominate at least two student representatives, one from each year, to attend this and subsequent meetings. 
As all staff will be aware student welfare was one of the key points highlighted in both the IQR and RIBA validation visit. Therefore, we must make every effort to improve student involvement in all aspects of academic life. 
Please can I have all student nominations by 19th October. I will then inform the student reps of up-coming SSCC dates and ask for agenda items.
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