Meeting 1: 21/10/2011

(Please find attached Payment 1 Spreadsheet – sketch of model on its way!)

Payment 1

Hi All.

Just a brief overview of this mornings meeting:

– We have to present a largely finished product by November 2nd
This leaves us 10 days to work with.

– It was agreed that finishing the base / engine / primary disc would be priority.
The base frame (that supports and houses the engine) will be 1000mm Squared and the disc will have a diameter of 1200mm

– The idea of having a ‘primary disc’ on which to place (securely) our own individual discs / ‘pies’ would obviously mean we only need to construct 1 frame structure.

– We will probably require a separate room in which to built the frame / run tests etc. and I have asked Don about room availability.
I will need to speak to Kevin Jones about this, but is only back in the building on Monday, so will ask ASAP on Monday.

– Discussions over storage of models and their construction were had.
‘Individual pie pieces’ is an option where we could potentially break our own ‘pies’ up into 3/4/15 segments to make it easier to work in studio, and transport around.
However, breaking up a whole disc into pieces could lead to a trickier assembly process and the perfect alignment on the primary disc may not happen.

– Furthermore, consideration must be given to a ‘tiered’ zoetrope, as opposed to a flat ring version.
Stacking adds considerable weight and this affects engine choice/cost

– With regards to lighting / the strobe
Suggestions about using a magnet to help time light flashes were put forward as opposed to using a timer – this means a more accurate flash rate, but potentially too complex?

– I know that Negin / Will / Kaowen / Paul L-W / Akmal and Sinan are doing some research this weekend into electronics / engines so we should be able to make some decisions on Monday about

Please could we meet on Monday 24th at 10:00 to discuss weekend findings / problems / ways forward.

Please could you let me know about money required and I will manage that so no one is out of pocket.

These are just some ideas to think about. If I have left anything off / misquoted or made a false statement, please shout, and I shall retract / correct myself.


xxx Meg S

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One Response to Meeting 1: 21/10/2011

  1. sounds good, monday at 10:00 it is. all 4th years have lectures from 11:00 so we’ll be in a bit earlier.
    with regards to the making of the model pieces, i was under the impression that we’ll not be working directly on our own ‘pies’, but instead just on each model individually before assembling it onto the ‘pie’ at the end or for tests…or do you think its imperative to have the pie there to make sure we are building the models right?…

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