Dear All,

As you all know, next Wednesday the 2nd of November, we have a GENERAL SESSION and an informal CRIT with Gonzalo Coello de Portugal and Marta Granda Nistal. (ALL SESSION ASSISTANCE REQUIRED EXCEPT IN THE SLOTS IN WHICH YOU HAVE OTHER ACADEMIC DUTIES OR SIMILAR):

when:on Wednesday the 2nd of November.


Name of the hand in (always DIGITAL): 4th HAND IN, NAME


1- 6 design evolution: description of the design evolution after the study of the performance among the actors and designs. This description should be explained with the use of the most convenient media available: performance, video, drawing, hand drawing, collages…. etc.

2- ZOETROPE:test of the performance of all actors and designs involved in the selected significant actions.


As I explained last week, we have a very delicate bites overload in our BLOG, therefore,  we must embed the documents as I tried to show you last week.

If you use a video, just past the whole embed code to the HTML window of the POST.

If you use any other media, upload it first to ISSUU (open a free account in http://issuu.com/home) and then copy the embed code (old source) and paste it into a word file, then you can select the important part of the embed code that WORDPRESS require, and then finally paste it into the HTML window of the POST inserted with the language the blog ask you to follow, respect the spaces inside the brackets!.

here is the whole explanation: http://cpwilson.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/embedding-issuu/

If it doesn’t work it would be only because the “space” distances between the characters, so don’t desperate and try till you get it. The world is going to appreciate your effort enormously!

Order:As we did last general session, we will present in groups of 4 works (10 minutes per work maximum) and then we will comment them (15 min). This slots might move depending on the session evolution! Please, choose the most suitable for you (sorry, I’ve had to reorganize it all):



10:30, PAUL L.W.


10:50, SINAN

11:00, CLAIRE

11:10, ALEX



11:40, RACHEL



12:10, AKMAL

12:20, JULIAN

12:30, PAUL M.

12:40, MEGAN T.


15:00, AFTERNOON SLOT WILL BE DEVOTED TO THE COMMENTARIES AND ZOETROPE, we will have all general commentaries whilst testing the ZOETROPE. And discover problems and further possibilitie.

Extra: MOROCCO ADVENTURE TALK. After finishing the hand in commentaries, we are going to jump into the MOROCCO ADVENTURE TALK. After researching very hard about caravans rentals (it is impossible to rent 2 caravans for 7 people sleep and seated to go to Morocco, therefore we need 3 caravans of 5/6 people seated/sleep each, that means we need more extra drivers and this have an important budget repercussion) together to the limited time (from 7th to 13th for some of you), I think it might be convenient to change our transport media.

Thank you very much!

Izaskun & Carlos

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21 Responses to 4th HAND IN, 2nd OF NOVEMBER

  1. 11:10 please. thanks.

  2. not sure if 5th years can join the afternoon session as we have a thesis seminar from 2-5pm…?

  3. 20112012manamon says:

    13:50 please Carlos.
    Thanks, Paul M.

  4. Michelle young says:

    10:40 michelle
    10:30 Paul leader (he has h/t seminar)

  5. 20112012megantownsend says:

    Hi!! I have a seminar from 10am until 1pm……what do you suggest I do?

  6. 20112012megantownsend says:

    Maybe I go last?

  7. hey hi,

    can i have mine at 12:20 please..
    thank you


  8. hi Carlos!

    may I have the 1210 slot please?


  9. 20112012sinanp says:

    10:50 please! thanks

  10. 20112012rachel says:

    11:40 please thank you:)

  11. can i have 11? thanks : )

  12. Can I go 10.20? Thanks. Will F

  13. carlos,

    the 5th year have to go to thesis lectures from 2-5pm tomorrow afternoon…

  14. 20112012megansmedy says:

    12:00 please Carlos

  15. 12 i guess…! please. thanks!

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