Staff Student Consultative Committee meeting feedback

Dear all U22,

So today Sinan and I had the good fortune of being granted access into an inner circle meeting with the big dogs and the real mint who’s who of the Bartlett architecture world.

It was the first time I’d been to any meeting of that kind but was good to see that in fact most of the main players of our school were there and were very willing to discuss matters.

As you might have seen on the door of room 204, there is a (rather inconspicuous) note informing all that if there are any issues you’d like to raise to the school then just write them here on the blog or tell either Sinan and I prior to the next meeting so we can raise them during the next discussion. These meetings are held once a term, so not often, but nonetheless better than nothing.

So as a quick run through of things that were discussed today, cos I think its right for everyone to know, the hot topics of today were:

1. It turns out that our director Marcos Cruz has allocated $5000 (pounds not dollars, keyboard has no pound sign) to be available to students who are willing to organise events such as talks, performances, exhibitions, you name it, that the school thinks would be beneficial to the collective student body. This has come about as a result of 2 international lecture series talks last year that were completely organised by a group of students at the Bartlett with no staff help whatsover, im talking everything from picking the talker up from the airport to dinner afterwards.

SO. the question is, do any of us now have any good ideas or suggestions, or even want to submit something that the money could be used towards (exciting talks you might have seen recently? exhibitions you feel should be held in the foyer?…

2. How does everyone feel about the interview process for units? Murray Fraser raised this point after what he saw was a ‘very outdated method’ in selecting students for units. I think he touched quite a few nerves with this one and certainly he was backed by the ever vocal Bill Hodgson who criticised unit leaders for only wanting students that serve to prolong their legacy of attaining first class students in their repertoire… I said that I felt although the interview process was stressful and LONG (the AA get things done in ONE DAY), it was better than allocation. We came to no formal conclusion and so now I ask you what you all think about the situation?

3. Student Association. What does everyone think about a representative student body within the architecture school? Is it a waste of time? would people turn up? Would it be of any use? is this SSCC enough?

I dont know about anyone else but friends from other units and I have always voiced opinions backing a student association to be formed but there were mixed feelings today. Again what do you think?

4. We raised the issue of buying materials and the lack of a cheaper resourceful place to buy all the expensive things we need to pass….Frosso suggested a collaborative ‘shop’ with the Slade that would sell ‘ethically’ priced materials to students of the school of art and architecture. thoughts?…

5. In other news, there apparently has been a feasibility study done with UCL Estates Management for the complete renovation PLUS extension of Wates House. This wont get done for a good few years when we’ll all be far far far away so I guess its no biggy for us, but just thought you’d like to know nonetheless. Due to increasing pupil numbers the school have had to look hard recently to find a new additional building to Wates House and they apparently were almost going to get a place evocatively dubbed as ‘The Factory’ over the summer but as usual, UCL ballsed it up in the end.

Thats it for now, please reply to this with any thoughts on the above or additional things that you think should be said. I mean anything. Not just political stuff. We even talked about having to install some drinks fountains….


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