Dear all,

Last week we had an amazing collection of general activities and individual commentaries.

This week it is going to be determinant to make our designs evolve to improve their efficiency and interest, and to be able to arrive to the CRIT (16th of November, with SIV HELEN from Helen&Hard) with a clear idea of the potential of our designs and the further repercussions and implications they might provoke (30th of November hand in).

In order to help you to produce a coherent body of work, we are going to organize two different activities:

a-     ONE to ONE tutorials: I propose to do ONE TO ONE TUTORIALS on Tuesday the 8th and Wednesday the 9th , for those who want to have it.

–         Tuesday the 8th:

–         9:00 am, CLAIRE

–         10:00 am, PAUL McM.

–         11:00 am, CLARISSA.

–         12:00 am, JULIAN

–         13:00 pm,

–         14:00 pm lunch time.

–         14:30 pm,

–         15:30 pm, RACHEL

–         16:30 pm, ALEX

–         17:30 pm, AKMAL

–         Wednesday the 8th:

–         9:00 am, MICHELLE

–         10:00 am, PAUL L.W.

–         11:00 am, WILLIAM

–         12:00 am, LIWEI

–         13:00 pm, SINAN

–         14:00 pm lunch time.

–         14:30 pm, MEGAN T.

–         15:30 pm, KAOWEN.

b-     SCAMPER test: After the tutorials, we are going to have a very fast home work. Each of you will do the SCAMPER test to the Work of another person. I will propose you the matching list after seeing your work and discovering the strong and weak points of them during the tutorial.

Again, thank you very much for your effort and steadfastness.


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15 Responses to WEEK SCHEDULE

  1. 20112012paullw says:

    Could I have 10:00 am Wednesday please.

  2. 16:30pm Tuesday please.


  3. 20112012sinanp says:

    13:00 wednesday please!

  4. 20112012manamon says:

    10am Tuesday please.

    Thanks, Paul

  5. 20112012liweideng says:

    12 am Wednesday please!

  6. Can I have 11am on Wednesday please? Will F

  7. may I have 17.30, Tuesday please?
    thanks Carlos.

  8. 20112012megantownsend says:

    Could I have 2.30pm on Wednesday please?
    Thank you

  9. 3.30pm on wednesday please

  10. 11am Tuesday please.


  11. 20112012rachel says:

    15:30 tuesday please. thanks

  12. hi,

    9:00 am for Claire please and 12:00 for Julian please..

    Thank you

  13. 20112012neguin says:

    1pm today then?

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