Dear all,

I upload to the blog the activities of the week, that are very diverse with some leisure activities as well…..

A- Tea with Carlos, 14th of November. For those who wants to have a little conversation/tutorial I will be at the Bartlett from 15:30pm to 19:00pm.

B- EXTRA SESSION, 16TH of November. ONE TO ONE TUTORIALS. Design and Thesis horizons.

C- 5th HAND IN, 17th of November. CRIT: we will be focus in developing designs through developing the specific details required to improve the performance between the actors and the designs. We will take into consideration materiality, construction, auxiliary elements, number of workers required…… etc. And the ZOETROPE will receive the last version of the designs not as abstract models, but as reduced prototypes. The hand in consist in three different kind of documents.

  • 1- ZOETROPE: test of the ZOETROPE, it will receive the last version of the designs not as abstract models, but as reduced prototypes.
  • 2- 6 design evolution: description of the design evolution after the study of the performance among the actors and designs and the detailing of design. This description should be explained with the use of the most convenient media available: performance, video, drawing, hand drawing, collages…. etc. ALWAYS UP LOADED TO THE BOLG.
  • 3D FILES: this collection of designs consist in 4-5 3D rhino files, describing 4-5 significant details of your designs. We will send them to the Spanish Workshop team to let them prepare the morning slot activities with them (digital submission date, see below).

when: on Thrusday the 17th of November.

where: SEMINAR G02.

Name of the hand in (always DIGITAL)5th HAND IN, NAME

D- AFTER-CRIT-DINNER, 17th of November. To say hello and wave goodbye. As you all know, Siv Helen (H&H) is going to do its first stellar appearance! And Izaskun is not going to be allowed to flight within the next month. So, in order to celebrate both situations as they deserve, we have already booked for all of you to have dinner in a wonderful Indian Restaurant (just around the corner, the Bartlett corner….) suggested by my personal culinary adviser, Negin.

Please, post a commentary if you are not going to be able to come….. just to have an idea of how the reservation that I’ve made is still ok or not.

E- DIGITAL 3D FILES SUBMISSION, 18th of November. 20:00. You must upload the 3D files collection to the unit22bartlett@gmail.com DROPBOX account. Please, see the login name and password linked below: https://unit22bartlett.wordpress.com/2010/10/28/238/ .

HOW/WHERE: open a folder in the unit22bartlett@gmail.com DROPBOX account.



A-     Word document with brief description: maximum 100 words per drawing, describing the functioning and interest of the design.

B-     3D FILES: rhino file. Names of the files: COMPLETE NAME. name of the design.

Thank you very much for your attention!


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  1. hi carlos,
    just letting you know that i am unable to join the group for dinner on thursday, i already have dinner plans (friend’s 25th) on that evening at 7…sorry…

  2. oh, can i see you on wednesday at 11 for one to one?? thanks. alex

  3. 12 is perfectly fine. thanks! alex

  4. 20112012rachel says:

    could i have the one to one tutorial on wed at 14:00? thanks:)

  5. 20112012sinanp says:

    Hi Carlos

    I could use a tutorial, maybe around 3pm?

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