Dear All,

At the moment the SPANISH WORKSHOP TEAM is giving me the istructions we all have to follow to prepare our laptops to the COSY PARAMETRICS EXPERIENCE.

Please, read carefully and be sure your installed programs are working properly before departure…..

This is their message:

In order to follow correctly the workshop, it is necessary that you install beforehand Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. You can download Rhino 4 evaluation version and Grasshopper from these links. We will use Grasshopper 0.8, which is the latest stable build and requires at least Rhino 4.0 SR8 to work. Note that you need the most recent Microsoft Runtimes to be able to load Grasshopper in Rhino4. You can download the latest runtimes from the Microsoft Website, and be sure to get the 32-bit ones (vcredist_x86.EXE). It is very recommendable that you bring everything installed so we can start the workshop right away and we don’t get stuck in technical issues. Thank you!

They are the top of the tops, like you.


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  1. claireti says:

    I have a mac, so grasshopper won’t work on it. Will there be any computers there that i can use?

    • Claire!, Will, could you be so gentle to talk with Liwei!?he uses grasshoper and he also has Mac, and Unit 20 students??? …. I’m waiting for the Spanish Tutors advices.

      In Spain the most common use of Mac is inserting a Pc inside….. to be able to use both collection of programs.

      I will tell you as soon as psible!


  2. Carlos,

    Is it necessary to bring our laptops to Madrid? Can we use computers in the Madrid university? As we going to be carrying it around Morocco which could be a nightmare.
    Also, will grasshopper 0.6 be ok? Or we absolutely need 0.8 version? And a lot of us have illegal versions of Rhino SR4, if we upgrade to SR8 we will lose our copy and when evaluation runs out we will be all in trouble…

    Thank you


  3. the problem is that my laptop is nearly 6 years old and i have tried to run bootcamp on it before, put in extra memory, cleared the hard drive etc. but it can’t deal with it and just crashes.
    i would also agree with julian on the above about taking it around morocco…
    thanks carlos

  4. Dear all!,

    I perfectly understand your worries about your laptops, but we have done all we could to have the Madrid Computers room open for us, but the University has not accepted (we will work on Sunday and Bank holiday as well).

    If we don’t take our laptops with us, we will have many problems of efficiency and the most important one will be that we will no reach the workshop potential.

    The Spanish grasshopper tutors has answered me already about the Mac and grasshopper, apparently, the only way to use grasshopper in Mac is by running Windows. You can do it by installing one of those programs:


    please!, spread the news as the Autumn birds do….in their annual migration to Africa!

    Thank you very much!


  5. 20112012megantownsend says:

    Hi Carlos

    Having real trouble with downloads, as well as the fact I do not have internet at my flat, I am not sure i will get it done for before we go. I’ll try!


    • Please!! try it before we arrive!! there we have a wonderful and tight schedule I don’t want anybody to miss!!!

      It can be worthy to ask others to help you…. or at least to coordinate with them to get all the drivers etc in advance!

      big hug!


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