Dear all,

Attached are the participants’ presentations in COSY PARAMETRICS WORKSHOP. This collection of works are the GERM of the collective work.

BARTLETT: presentacióngeneral-cosy parametrics

ETSAM: presentacióngeneral-cosy parametrics etsam proyectos

GROUP1-  Carlos Sánchez Patón PFC

Kaowen Ho

GROUP2-  Miguel Ortega,

Paul Leader-Williams

Guillermo García, GEP ug,

GROUP3-  Daniel Ovalle PFC

Alfredo García, GEP ug,

Megan Smedy .

GROUP4- Isabel Gutiérrez Sanchez PFC

Claire Taggart .

Julia Tuñón Jiménez, GEP ug,

GROUP5- Pepe Susín,

Megan Townsend

Tania Varela García, GEP ug,

Antonio Moncada Medina, GEP ug,

GROUP6- Jorge Valiente Oriol PFC

Clarissa Yee

Vlad Panati, GEP ug,

GROUP7- Romina Serrano, PFC

Michelle Young

GROUP8- Laura Flor García PFC

Fisher William Yr5

Cha Rachel Sung Hwa

GROUP9- John Arango

Julian Zi Liang Huang

Ángel Ferrán, GEP ug,

Raquel Quirós Marcos, GEP ug,

GROUP10- Gabriel Hernández Rodríguez PFC

Paul McManamon

Patricia Suárez Martín, GEP ug,

GROUP11- Esther Rodríguez Ramos PFC

Pirie Sinan

Azhar Akmal

Thank you very much,


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