Dear All (cosy-workshop attendants and non attendants!),

During our desert PIT STOP I asked you to UPLOAD the COSY PARAMETRICS Final presentation. Siv, Izaskun and I are preparing the End of Term FEEDBACK and I have to see the workshop results (non of them are posted). If you have not joint the ACADEMIC TRIP we also need to know the project evolution so far, so please, read this post as well!

Please, I beg you to upload this results as soon as possible.

who: EVERYBODY, cosy attendants and non cosy attendants.

name of the post: 6th HAND IN, (COSY/NON COSY) + COMPLETE NAME.

what: the same pdf you handed in for the final presentation, but please, uploaded to Issuu and then embed it to the post (quick remind: HTML window, copying the embed code in [sync EMBED CODE] ). Non attendants: the work you have done so far during the ACADEMIC TRIP.

when: PLEASE, NOW! spread the news!

Thank you very much!


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