Dear Year 4 Students

CAD Organistation Classes

In practice CAD systems and protocols are engaged on a daily basis. Whether in large multi-disciplinary firms, exchanging information with a variety of external consultants and team members, or in small practice with self-contained project data, knowledge of the basic industry standards is essential. It enables efficient and accountable working practices.

Frequently we learn the rules within which we are required to operate but we will aim to understand the reasons and justification for the conventions and protocols we follow.

In term 2, following an introductory lecture, we will explore some of these basic industry standard protocols for working with CAD data. It will include: naming conventions; layouts; layer naming; file formats; annotation; bespoke settings and customisation etc etc. Coupled with your pre-existing exposure to these systems during your year out, we aim for you to become familiar and comfortable with these and begin to integrate into your DR design project. Microstation will be utilised as the demonstration software for the classes.

Please check the timetable for your class time/date.

Michelle Bush

Advanced Architecture Administrator
Bartlett School of Architecture
University College London
Wates House
22 Gordon Street
London WC1H 0QB

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