Dear all,

The 1st TERM is over (with amazing researches, graphic adventures and design achievements), and now is time to start producing some documents to harvest and catalyze all you have learn and done so far.

2nd TERM itself imposes as well some changes in the scope projects (and documents) will develop till the end of the year for 4th and 5th years. It doesn’t mean we will never work together, or that we will split the UNIT sessions in two different groups (we know that the collective intelligent of the group is responsible of the mayor achievements UNIT22 has), this only means that the projects (and documents) you are doing will have different levels of definition or complexity.

UNIT22 tutors are very happy with the work you have done during the 1st TERM, but we have also detected some production concerns in some of the UNIT22 members that, if not completely determining the year results/marking, demand a radical change of attitude toward the 2nd and 3rd TERM to achieve the goals and expectations you and Bartlett School have. We need to establish a common compromise, the work must have a continuity and homogeneous intensity.

In order to start 2nd TERM at the proper level, we want to propose you some CHRISTMAS HARVESTING that will have the same subjects but different scopes for 4th and 5th years.

DOCUMENT 1. BRIEF AND AGENDA. As you have discovered, you are the ones establishing the areas of interest, goals and expected achievements of the year, and now it is the time to summarized it all in a proper Brief and Agenda, that will professionalize its format according to your personal and academic evolution trough the year. We, as Tutors, are going to encourage you to adopt a professional and mature attitude toward your project and research development, and therefore, to have a highly conscious design experience.

a-       Brief (one A4 maximum):

–       accurate definition of the programme that you are going to develop in your project. Year 4 must propose a programme of a 2000 square meters building (aprox), and Year 5 a programme proposal for a broader area (boroughs, collection of sites….etc).

–       accurate definition of site (year 4), sites (year 5).

–       accurate definition of the community linked to your project (workers, fix users, temporary users, builders (if relevant), natural community (if any)…..etc), and the roles they will have in the proposed reality.

–       funding: It is very important to design a funding strategy that will give an economic coherency to the project in the reality it is going to be part of. This strategic maneuvering of governments, corporations, and other institutional bodies will assure the viability and suitability of your proposal.

b-       Agenda (one A4 maximum):

–          list of matters to be addressed (collection of statements).

–          intentions of your project.

–          motivations of your project.

DOCUMENT 2. Location plan and functional program. A complex program (proper of year 4 or 5 level) should be proposed. The document has many different representational variables, going from a definition of a proper plan and section of the architecture and programme proposed, to a diagrammatic scheme of it.

DOCMENT 3. Use of the space and definition of community. Due to the orientation of our “Dare to Care” Brief it is obvious that the main goal of our architecture is preserving and empowering the vulnerable community we have define at the beginning of the year. Because of that, and likening our documents to the ZOETROPE most of you have developed, we would like you to describe your architecture by the description of the significant actions your community (vulnerable and extended) will perform in the spaces you design.

DOCUMENT 4. Material realization and technical approach. As you have been doing form the very beginning of the year, technical development of designs is crucial to test them in the real world. Materiality is as well a relevant variable of the architectural effectiveness we insert to the real world. But this time, we would like to jump an step further…..we want you to include both layer of information (detailing and materiality) in the contextual complexity of your proposal, not zooming, not isolating, but juxtaposing everything into the documents you will produce.

DOCUMENT 5. PORTFOLIO DRAFT. As you might know, the 5th year portfolio has been scheduled on Thursday the 26th of January. That means we all have to produce a very professional document (properly ordered, legible, and understandable!) summarizing all year evolution. During the 1st TERM, we have suggested to establish a non chronological order, but a more mature one based in the collection of statements that define your interest and achievements. We also consider extremely important to include all your research concepts, data and hypothesis in your portfolio pages, not as a mere copy-paste action, but a reflexive and constructive way of support your design decisions. In order to be able to test the informational effectiveness of your PORTFOLIO, tutors want you to post a draft version of the PORTFOLIO with all the documents you have done so far (including Document 1, 2, 3 and 4) by the 5th of January.


When: Thursday the 5th of January. Before 20:00pm.

What: the documents above in a PDF (issuu embed document) according to the specific 4th years or 5th years requirements described below.

Year 4 students: We want you to hand in the Brief and Agenda of your proposal and to produce a cross section and a general plan, in which Location plan and functional program, Use of the space and definition of community,  Material realization and technical approach are perfectly and accurately defined and included in the context it’s taking part of.

This information will be included into the PORTFOLIO DRAFT (working in progress document).

From now on, we will start producing the information required for the Design Realization Report.

Year 5 students: Every document must have an individual expression (plan, cross section, organization scheme…..etc) of your project, and always including the context in which it’s taking part of.

This information will be included into the PORTFOLIO DRAFT (working in progress document).

I will be at the Bartlett on Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th for ONE TO ONE TUTORIALS to talk about your work so far and the portfolio in particular.

Thank you very much for your attention, and please, spread the news as winter birds do.

Izaskun, Siv and Carlos

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