HAPPY NEW YEAR-hand in-PRESENTS-tutorials…… and so on.

My super DEAR colleagues,

I’m very very happy to know that very soon (on Friday the 6th and possibly Saturday the 7th) I’m going to be at the BARTLETT with you!. Holidays are just a waste of time! (…….).

As I posted many days ago, there is a very important inflexion moment in the Academic year….. and this moment just passed by (Xmas), and now it is time to check the general level of the UNIT and as well the particular stage of your work.

I know that those dates are also busy ones because of the rest of duties you have, but I’m not going to steal you a lot of time, just as long as you want and need. I know that some of you might not be able to come because of particular reasons (trips….etc). In case you cannot come, please, upload the information required following the description below.


When: Thursday the 5th of January. Before 20:00pm.

What: the documents above in a PDF (issuu embed document) according to the specific 4th years or 5th years requirements described below.

I also open the slot’s booking list (just to avoid the disaster experiences of the last November tutorials). Please, choose the most convenient for you by posting a commentary.

Friday the 6th:

9:00 am, NEGIN

10:00 am, MEGAN S.

11:00 am, WILLIAM

12:00 pm, PAUL McM

13:00 pm, CLAIRE

14:00 pm, CLARISSA

15:00 pm, SINAN

16:00 pm, RACHEL+suitcase

17:00 pm, ALEX

Saturday the 7th:

10:00 am, MICHELLE

11:00 am, KAOWEN

12:00 pm, JULIAN

13:00 pm, AKMAL

14:00 pm, LIWEI

15:00 pm,

16:00 pm,

Thank you very much! and please….. spread the news as the pre-spring birds do and as Rosa Balistreri



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19 Responses to HAPPY NEW YEAR-hand in-PRESENTS-tutorials…… and so on.

  1. Hi Carlos,
    Can I book the 11am slot on Friday please.
    Happy New Year!

  2. 20112012rachel says:

    hi Carlos,
    happy new year!!:)
    can i see you on friday at 16:00pm?
    can i also return the suitcase you lent me in spain, on friday as well?
    just let me know if you prefer to receive it on the other day.
    rachel 🙂

  3. 20112012manamon says:

    hey carlos, 12pm Friday please. thanks, paul m

  4. Happi New Year!
    can i have the 12pm Saturday slot? or anytime after 12pm on Saturday is fine.
    I will be in the studio
    thank you


  5. Happy new year! (I disagree -holidays are not a waste of time!!)
    Could I have the 2pm slot on Friday please? Thanks


  6. hi carlos, friday 5pm please. thanks. alex

  7. 20112012sinanp says:

    Hi Carlos!
    15:00 please thanks

  8. claireti says:

    Hi, could i get the 13.00 friday please?
    thanks, claire

  9. Hi Carlos,
    May I have Saturday 13:pm please?
    Thank you.

  10. 20112012manamon says:

    hi Carlos,
    you may have missed my earlier reply above, but not to worry i’ll take the 2pm Friday slot instead if Clarissa doesn’t mind?
    Thanks, Paul Mcm

  11. liwei says:

    HI, Carlos,
    Could I have 2 pm on Saturday please?
    I will upload 7th handin later this evening, sorry for delay.

  12. Hi Carlos!
    Happy New Year!
    can i have 2pm friday please ?? fank you!
    see you all soon

    • Hello Kaowen!,
      I’m sorry but I made a mistake and I didn’t put Paul and Clarissa in their asked slots…. so the 14:00 on Friday is not available! Is Saturday convenient for you?? (after the tutorial you have all the British museum empty for you….

  13. neguin says:

    Carlos sorry im having issu issues and also my portfolio file is refusing to pdf for some reason.I will show you tomorrow.morning and upload in afternoon.apologies

  14. Hey carlos no worries re friday,
    can i have 11am sot on saturday pls? michelle says she would like 10am…
    thanks again.

  15. just realised i watched the video for 5 minutes before i remembered i dont understand spanish

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