Dear all,

I’m very happy to tell you that yesterday session (YEAR 4 PORTFOLIO REVIEW) was very effective to clarify the year horizon!

In order to have a very clear portfolio and a first collection of designs (self explanatory, ambitious in terms of information, showing a productive decision making), I would like to have a ONE TO ONE TUTORIAL with you all.

We are also going to test our ZOETROPES. So at 9:00am I’m going to be at the Bartlett to install the lighting program and to learn how to use it.

At 11:00am we will start with the individual tutorials, in which you are going to present the WHOLE FINISHED PORTFOLIO and test your individual ZOETROPE (if any). As you have might notice, we are not very much involve in the aesthetic production and edition of the document itself (we think this is part of your individual responsibilities). We are ALWAYS putting all the emphasis in having a PORTFOLIO THAT IS SELF EXPLANATORY.

Following Nic Clear recommendations, please, include a page with the scanned cover of the books you have read to research and gather information. We would also encourage you to include the scanned cover of videos/films/documentaries you have seen, and as well, the webpage list you are using as reliable sources of information.

Without further delay, please, choose the most suitable slot for you.

5th years ONE TO ONE TUTORIALS. 18TH from 09:30 to 16:30. 

09:00 am, ZOETROPE

11:00 am,

12:00 pm,

13:00 pm, PAUL McM

14:00 pm, RACHEL

15:00 pm, WILL

16:00 pm, SINAN

17:00pm, NEGIN

Thank you very much! please, spread the news as Natalie Dessay does….. Delphine Haidan – Lakmé, ACT 1: Dôme épais le jasmin à la rose s’assemble (Lakmé/Mallika)


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  1. 20112012neguin says:

    oh dear..thank you very much carlos but i’m not sure i’m really ready for another tutorial…
    can I go at the end of the day?

  2. 20112012manamon says:

    16:00pm please. Thanks carlos

    P.S. I won’t be able to make it in at 9am for the Zeotrope testing, but we tested my zoetrope yesterday and the lighting and turn-table seemed to work perfectly……however, beware not to get to close when it is spinning. The lighting cable got caught in the zoetrope whilst it was spinning and ripped off the entire outer rings!! I manage to salvage most of it, but unfortunately I will have to remake some new bits. You have been warned fellow 22er’s!

  3. Hi Carlos,
    Can I see you at 3 o’clock please.

  4. great Paul!;in any case, I want to test if in front of you, just to be taught by you and to practice how to make it work properly.
    Thank you!

  5. carlos,

    can i just see you towards the end, no point seeing you in the afternoon, i want to get some new work done before i see you? if possible just before or after Negin?


    • JUlian,

      can i just see you at the very beginning of the session?, no point seeing you in the evening, i don’t want you to get some new work done before i see you? if possible with some croissants and Ronald’s flapjacks?


      It is a joke. Then, do you mind if I see you on Thursday morning? at 9:00?

      tell me!

  6. 20112012rachel says:

    hi carlos,
    14:00 pm please.

  7. 20112012neguin says:


  8. 20112012manamon says:

    hi carlos, sorry to be a pain, but can i change my slot to 1pm instead.

    Thanks, paul.

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