WEEK SCHEDULE, 2012-02-13 to 2012-02-18

Dear all,

As I haven’t been at the Bartlett for nearly a week, I propose you to do some ONE TO ONE tutorials. Please, choose the most suitable slot for you!

Please, don’t forget to bring two things:

a- the updated YEAR schedule!

b- structural approach of your projects.

Monday the 13th: 



17:30pm, NEGIN

18:30pm, MEGAN S.

Tuesday the 14th: 


11:00am, MEGAN T.

12:00pm, CLAIRE

13:00pm, WILL

14:00pm, CLARISSA

15:00pm, MICHELLE

16:00pm, KAOWEN

17:00pm, LIWEI

Wednesday the 15th: 

10:00am, PAUL L.W.

11:00am, AKMAL

12:00pm, RACHEL

Thank you very much!

Please, spread the news as this gorgeous bird did


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16 Responses to WEEK SCHEDULE, 2012-02-13 to 2012-02-18

  1. 20112012megansmedy says:

    Hi Carlos

    Me at 18:30 today please and Michelle at 15:00 tomorrow. Thank you !

  2. 20112012megansmedy says:

    actually. may i have 10:00am tomorrow please.

    thank you xxx

  3. Hi Carlos,
    May I go at 11:00am on Wednesday please?
    Thank you supertutor!

  4. 2pm tomorrow will be good.


  5. Tuesday at 13.00 please. Thanks!

  6. can i have mine at 12 tomorrow? thanks : )

  7. 20112012megantownsend says:

    Hi Carlos!!
    Can I have 11am Tuesday (tomorrow) please…?

    Thank you muchly


  8. 20112012paullw says:

    Could I have 10:00am Wednesday please.

  9. 4 pm tuesday please


  10. Could i have on wesday 10 a, please Carlos,

  11. 20112012rachel says:

    12:00 wed, please
    thank u:)

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