11TH HAND IN, Structure + Construction + Building performance + Building delivery.

Dear all,

I post the information regarding next HAND IN:


WHEN: 9th MARCH at 10:00 am

WHAT: Structure + construction (detailing structural joints, etc) + building performance (including all building services) and building delivery. Izaskun, Siv, Roberto and I need all these documents for different purposes. Only the hand ins following the 4 sub-hand in will receive feedbacks.

1- UPDATED BRIEF AND AGENDA. including definition of the programme, funders, general organizational strategy (if any)…..etc.

2- CALENDAR: updated calendar describing when are going to be finished the documents you have in mind till the end of the DR hand in (4th years) or final portfolio Hand in (5th years).


– Including an accurate description of the performance of the building, the systems proposed must prove that sustainable parameters have been taken into consideration, that means the design must have a maximum use of passive systems and removable sources of energy supply, a convenient maintenance protocol….etc.
– Including a detailed set of references taking part of the PLAN,SECTION OR 3DMODEL produced. Remember that we are part of a discipline that provides already tested architectural resources.
– Including the role of users in the building performance.
– Including all the relevant research data gathered.
– Updated individual calendar.

4- ZOETROPE VIDEO (if any): Taking into account that the video I doesn’t have a proper light setting, I want you to upload to the blog the stop-motion-videos by inserting the embed code of the video previously uploaded to YOUTUBE. If there is anybody willing to do the zoetrope video again, properly filmed and properly lighted, please, post it to let me have them by Monday afternoon (Izaskun and I will be in the Vidal Office to show them how relevant your work is and how important is to stablish a proper link with them).

HOW: by uploading a PDF (digital media) to issuu (properly done please!). 

Again, Thank you very much for your effort! we are at the other side of the cable.


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