11th Hand-In, Claire

Roberto- i have been trying to come up with a structural strategy for the connecting structure between the towers, looking at the structural properties of both straight steel lattice paraboloid structures and at tensile mast-type tower structures to hang the new floors and extending platforms from. the models and drawings are fairly preliminary (decks will be smaller etc) but i need to try to develop this further and was wondering if you could maybe give me any references or ideas on how these ‘mini’ towers might be able to support the decks and bridges? thanks very much again!



Mini calendar for next week (still working on the rest…)

Monday- Planning policy document
Tuesday- Draw up GA Plans
Wednesday- Draw up Section
Thursday- Access and Circulation Annotations
Friday- Passive systems, ventilation and heating strategy diagrams
Weekend- Structure loads+forces, construction sequence incl new build
Monday18th- Draft hand-in
Monday18th-Friday23rd- structural tests and models


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  1. Thank you very much Claire!

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