Anyone is a big fan of Jason Mraz?

He is doing a special unscheduled tour in London tomorrow. It is an exclusive closed gig for 40 lucky people in UK and I am allow to bring a companion. I am just lucky enough to get the pass, happen to see the post in Facebook and sign up by putting my email and phone number. Got an email yesterday telling me that I win it. Well I am not really a big fan of him to be honest, but I do know couple of his song.. So, if you are interested just let me know and come over tomorrow, I will go straight from the Bartlett after studio (this offer is open to anyone including tutors).

Details about the concert
Date: 28th March 2012
Time: Doors open at 7pm and you will need to be at the venue no later than 7.45pm
Venue: St Pancras Old Church, London

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4 Responses to Anyone is a big fan of Jason Mraz?

  1. Dee says:

    Hello, I’m sorry to ask here since I’m a total stranger to you, but I found your post via google..

    The thing is, I’ve been a MASSIVE Jason Mraz fan for 6 years now, and me and my best mate are absolutely DYING to go to this show, but unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough to get tickets 😦 I know it’s probably a stupid question, but i just wanna ask if there’s ANY WAY you would be willing to give us the tickets, since it’s doesnt seem like you reaaaally wanna go??? I can’t tell you how extremely happy it would make me!! sorry again for intruding on your blog, but I thought I’d give it a try!
    Thanks for your time, Dee

  2. saidatul says:

    wow!!! how i wish i can be your companion. hehehehehhe.

  3. Akmal!!! how are you!??? I wish I could go, but I’m quite busy at the moment!!! what a pity!


  4. Sam says:

    i would quite happily go with you Akmal! haha!

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