Dear All,

As you know tomorrow we start with the CRITS, I would like to make some recomendations about the PORTFOLIO DOCUMENTS you are going to present:

a- prepare an accurate presentation speech. (7-10 min).

b- bring all your portfolio to the CRIT, unless you have to pin up all the relevant documents produced so far (last times we missed important documents).

c- the ZOETROPE should be use to present all the finished ZOETROPES (or video in case some of you prefer to).

d- all models should be at the CRIT (all and new ones, even if there are only bits finished). 

e- pin up all the documents to start tomorrow at 10:30am (Will proposed himself to start the CRIT). The CRIT order will be established with a analogue list tomorrow morning at 10:00am. And we will do the same on Wednesday morning.

f- the CRITS are an opportunity to learn form experts, not a even to feel embarrassed or humiliated.  DON’T FORGET THAT.

Please spread the news.


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