Dear all YEAR 5,

I post the PORTFOLIO compulsory RECOMMENDATIONS you have to follow:

 1- BRIEF AND AGENDA: only 1 A4 document (text) describing your updated Brief and Agenda. Print 2 copies.

2- THESIS: include your thesis.

3- PORTFOLIO ORDER FOLLOWING YOUR DESIGN STATEMENTS/HYPOTHESIS. Don’t forget any document relevant in your desing!

4- PROPERLY SIZED, PROPERLY PRINTED: avoid too small sizes, too soft grey lines, too dark mysterious images…..

5- VIDEOS: if you have a video you have to include a CD into your portfolio, and the QR code as well. Megan T. your QR coded video is 3 seconds long….. do the QR code with the first TERM video. I will have all the videos in my laptop just in case the CDs don’t work.

6- MODELS: bring all your models to the Submission ROOM.

7- ZOETROPES: bring all your zoetropes to the Submission ROOM, not only some pieces. The zoetrope table must be there as well, I will need one computer with the arduino application the day of the portfolio review.

8- BIBLIOGRAPHY: include a page in which you have paste all the covers of the books you have read during the year.

9- SKETCHES: include a booklet with your hand-draw sketches. Please, as I told you once (no body followed my instructions that time), If you love me, FOLLOW THIS SIMPLE RULES.

10- BOLG UP LOAD: Izaskun and I have to prepare the presentation in advance. We only have one day, SO PLEASE, UPLOAD ALL YOUR INFORMATION THROUGH ISSUU, YOUTUBE, VIMEO OR ANY OTHER HOSTER PROGRAME ON MONDAY MORNING IN ONLY ONE POST, please, do it after the hand in.

name of the post: FINAL PORTFOLIO 2011-2012, COMPLETE NAME.

SUPER BIG -full of energy- HUG!

Carlos, your fan nº one.

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