REFERENCE, E­N­A­B­L­E­ ­T­A­L­K, Glove that captures sing language movements in the hands and transforme them in words through a telephone device.


21 century is the age of technology, the age of communication.

More than 40 million suffer from hearing and speech impairments. To communicate they have to use sign language. Alas, very few people understand them and they feel isolated.

Our team has developed “Enable Talk” project to solve the language barrier between the sign language users and the rest of the world. A smartphone and a pair of our special sensory gloves is all that is needed.

Now here’s how our system works – the gloves capture hand movements and transmit the movement pattern – the sign – to the mobile device. Then our application matches the incoming pattern with stored signs and plays the sound for that sign.

The first part of the whole process is capturing the hand movements. This is implemented completely by our sensory gloves. To do this we have equipped each of them with numerous flex sensors that capture finger movements, and a compass, a gyroscope and an accelerometer which are used to define the position of the gloves in space. These sensors gather raw data and then transmit it to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then normalizes that data and transmits it to a mobile device via the Bluetooth module. That’s where the signs are being recognized and matched to the existing signs and patterns. When a pattern is recognized, the text equivalent of the sign is generated. Then, using Microsoft Speech API and Bing API the sound is played via the mobile device sound system. That’s how we give voice to 40 million people.

This is not future – this is reality.

Enable Talk – and the whole world will hear you.


A while ago, in the supermarket we saw a cashier having difficulties understanding a speech impaired person and we thought how useful it would be to have a device to overcome this communication barrier. We were very surprised to find out that no such devices are available on the market. Later, our interaction with hearing-impaired athletes at our school confirmed that such a solution is  needed for them to communicate more fully with the world. That is how “Enable Talk” project was born.


Conceptual design of our system is complete, but there’s obviously always room for improving efficiency, optimizing performance and driving down costs. We plan to pursue further development in those directions. Concurrently, we hope to attract some investment and start a company to be able to produce and sell our system to people who are in need of it.
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