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I’ve just found it in the cyber space. Will, you are famous! Carlos Advertisements

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Dear All, After these successful weeks in which you all have been creating amazing pieces of world, I announce that tomorrow we have a mayor session. WE WILL: 1- DISCUSS THE LAST INFORMATION OF THE PAVILION. 2- YOU WILL PRESENT INDIVIDUALLY THE … Continue reading

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Colombia Immunisation

Hi All I think all should take a look at their vaccinations. I am pretty up to date with all my jabs and boosters, but have been advised to have Hep B, and in order to travel to Medalin, we … Continue reading

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THREE DWELLINGS – Akmal Afandi Azhar

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Three Dwelling_3

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Three Dwellings – Kirsty Williams

Tree Dwelling The project began by looking at the etymology of the expression “knock on wood”. One theory states that it is a remnant of the pagan belief that trees were the home of the ‘little people’. Knocking on wood … Continue reading

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