Dear all,

It is a great pleasure to send a first introduction to the procedures of the year. You will find a more complete description of the exercises but also some common rules we will like to establish this year.


1. MONDAY OCTOBER 1st. Please!!!, begin working. Read the attached text, read the presentation in the blog and begin thinking your 3 houses and their locations. Please think and list the possible doubts you have.
2. WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 3rd. 10.00h-12.00h Common session for doubts resolution and presentation of first ideas.
3. WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 10th. 10.00h- 12.30h 14.30h-18.30h First review of works. All students are invited to attend everybody presentation.
4. WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 17th. One to one tutorials.
5. WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 24th. Blog Hand in of first exercise.

The format in which we will ask you to work in this first 3 weeks is 1/20 scale models. We only have one more rule for the models: you should not use glue. Joints should be solved screwing, clipping or in any other way. Reversibility of the joints is advisable. Reasons and question for all these aspects will be discuss on Wednesday.

About Tree, Chocolate and Chimney houses we ask you to interpretate the suggestions included in the attached text in the most open way. The important thing is you should begin thinking in houses typologies that really inspire you and that contains an open reflection about the proposed issues. Work freely and a beautiful open discussion interpretating our suggestions will come on wednesday. References will be welcome…but please try to include you own staff.

Kind regards.

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