2013, ACADEMIC TRIP. Office Information and TRIP FORM.

Dear all,

As every September, the Academic Trip FORM and information is provided by the Office. Please, read carefully, this year there are some interesting changes! (higher trip allowance, the students don’t have to pay tutor’s flights!…etc). I’ve also attached the ACADEMIC TRIP FORM to fill and submit to the Office as soon as possible.



WHERE: Medellín, Colombia.

DATES: from the 1st to the 9th of December.

VISA: some Nationalities require VISA, please, ask at the Colombian Embassy as soon as possible.

PRICES (aprox): London-Madrid: 22.5 British pounds Madrid-Medellín 738.960121 British pounds. London-Medellín: 842.238405 British pounds.



This is the Information sent by Michelle Bush to the Unit Tutors:

Dear Tutors 

Please find enclosed information to assist you when organising your unit field trip – costs and methods of booking. 

Based on one field trip per year per unit, the cost of the field trip must not exceed £750 (this is for student’s flights and accommodation). Out of this £750, the School of Architecture contributes £220 to each student (an increase from last year) and the student’s maximum contribution towards flights and accommodation is £530. Trips must be paid for before departure. 

As in previous years there are two booking methods – either as a group through a UCL travel agent or on an individual basis (keeping receipts to claim back the subsidy). If you would like the office to book your hotel or train tickets for example, these companies must be an approved supplier with UCL so that we can pay via purchase order. The UCL approved travel agents, which we use are Ian Allan and STA Travel – contact details below.

Student travel visas must be obtained in time to travel and this is the students responsibility. This process can take some time and can be complex, especially for our International students (as any travel visa is in addition to their UK visa). Please provide your students with travel dates promptly and advise them to check embassy websites. We will provide your students with a visa letter. 

Attached is the student booking form, which all students must complete and submit at the Office.

best Michelle 

Thank you very much!


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