HELP – Your thoughts needed…..

My sister is currently gathering information in order to start writing her dissertation for her 3rd year studying Sociology and Criminology. She has asked me if my fellow unit 22 people (and tutors), would mind her coming in and asking a few questions to you all? She is thinking of dropping in on an afternoon in mid November. (The week of the 12th)…..

Hi, its Amy!
My dissertation is titled ‘The meaning of prison’, and am looking at your opinions on five questions. Its not knowledge I want its opinion! It would be great if you could help me out! Hope to see you soon.

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5 Responses to HELP – Your thoughts needed…..

  1. Is ‘prison’ a reference to the bartlett?

    Sent from Samsung mobile”BARTLETT. UNIT22″ wrote:

  2. very good for me! please, tell me when would you need me to be around!


  3. meanfrostine says:

    yes of course any time

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