Colombia Immunisation

Hi All

I think all should take a look at their vaccinations. I am pretty up to date with all my jabs and boosters, but have been advised to have Hep B, and in order to travel to Medalin, we need a Yellow Fever jab. (Apparently). Rabies is also reccommended. Hep B and Rabies (if you decide to have it) are a course of three, first on day 0, second on day 7 and third on day 28. And so in order to fit them in before travel, you need to start having them started now.

Not wanting to panic anyone, as I am sure you are all up to date. Just want to make peoeple aware it may be worth a visit to your GP to clarify.


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4 Responses to Colombia Immunisation

  1. lamyuensar says:

    thanks for the kind reminders! i asked the nurse about the vaccinations when i did the NHS registration as well, and she said i should ask the school what vaccinations they would recommend… well, but i guess probably the common ones for travelling will do? i will definitely go ask again!

    • ArchiDJ says:

      After google someting about traveling in Colombia, I think Yellow Fever jab is essential. I may need both Rabies and Yellow Fever jab. And thank you Megan for the reminder.

  2. Thanks Megan. Malaria is another consideration. I found this malaria map of Colombia

    Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena are all low risk areas, but I suppose if you want to be really careful you may want to get a course of anti malaria pills (they do make you sick, or are expensive though!)

  3. 20112012megantownsend says:

    Yes, Malaria is not needed as is low risk. Rabies is not essential. Hep B is reccommended in case of accidents (heaven forbid) as passed on blood to blood, or….(the other method of transmission will not be an assue….). Yello fever though people is ESSENTIAL. As the certificate is needed to enter Medalin. (Or so they say, but I personally am not going to risk going all that way without it, incase they are on the ball….).

    Cool. Let us all know if there is anything essential people have missed.

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