23rd/24th Tutorial List

Here is the list so far… please fill in the gaps.

Weds 5.30pm onwards (6/7 People)

1. Megan S

2. Freya

3. Clarissa

4. Megan T

5. Lulu

6. Claire


Thurs 11am onwards

1. Joanne

2. Jose

3. Akmal

4. Lilian

5. Dong



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9 Responses to 23rd/24th Tutorial List

  1. meanfrostine says:

    2. Freya (22nd Jan list please)

  2. ArchiDJ says:

    5. Jiang.D ( Thursday¬ please)

  3. 3rd, Wednesday is fine with me

  4. lululeli says:

    wednesday tutorial please. thx.

  5. 20112012megantownsend says:

    Wednesday please…3rd/4th? thank you

  6. Thursday earliest available slot would be good as weds is filling up… Thanks!

  7. lululeli says:

    hi, guys, im really sry to ask, i have thesis meeting at 6:30 tmr, as my thesis is going to be closely linked to my project, do you mind if i go for the tutorial first on wednesday? so i can discuss some issue with the tutors before my thesis meeting. Thank you very much! lulu

  8. vkbateman says:

    please can I have a thursday slot. thanks!

  9. Can I have slot 6 in Thu then? Don’t know how to add it on the list.

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