Gabriele Galimberti was born in Arezzo, Italy, in 1977.
He studied photography at ‘Fondazione Studio Marangoni’ in Florence from 2000 to 2003.  He then ran a professional photography laboratory and a photo gallery in Florence.
In 2002 Gabriele was one of the winning participants in a photography competition called  ’Giovane Fotografia in Italia’ which selected ten upcoming photographers in all of Italy.  He simultaneously made his debut as a commercial photographer with his first assignments for magazines.

Gabriele has taken photos for many international magazines and companies.
Currently Gabriele continues to work as a commercial photographer, but his interests have expanded to include documentary/travel photography.  He is one of the members of  Riverboom Publishing. He has recently finished a 18-month trip around the world during which he has done many photographic projects. His photos have appeared in many international magazines, including Newsweek, Le Monde, Geo, D – La Repubblica, Io Donna, Le Temps, Vanity Fair and many others.

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