Final Portfolio_ Joanne Preston

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3 Responses to Final Portfolio_ Joanne Preston

  1. thank you very much Joanne! I missed it before! I started from up to bottom…. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Wayne Head says:

    Hi Joanne
    I enjoyed reading about your Bartlett project for a school in Kerala.
    I am an old Barlett student! Recently launched my own micro practice and happen to be involved with a live schools project in India. I thought perhaps you might be willing to meet up and chat about your project and my own over a cup of chai at the Barbican?
    V best
    Wayne Head

  3. joannepreston says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for getting in touch! I’d love to meet up and find out more about your practice and India project. My personal email is, if you would like to arrange a time and day.

    Best Wishes,

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