LECTURES, The Bartlett School of Planning’s Centenary Year.

Dear All,

This year it is The Bartlett School of Planning’s Centenary Year.

To celebrate the centenary, we have a number of events planned to which you are all warmly invited. The first of these is the Centenary Lecture Series. This is a series of evening lectures to be held at UCL, showcasing the work of some of the big names in planning.

The Centenary Lecture Series

24/10/13: Yvonne Rydin, The Bartlett School of Planning – The Future of Planning: Beyond Growth Dependence

28/11/13: Patrick Le Gales, Sciences Po, Paris – Governing the Ungovernable Metropolis

12/12/13: Neil Brenner, Harvard University – Urban theory without an outside: towards a theory of extended urbanization

30/01/14: Judith Innes, University of California, Berkeley – Planning with Complexity: Collaborative Rationality as a Strategy for Wicked Problems

27/02/14: Matthew Carmona, The Bartlett School of Planning – The Design Dimension of Planning (20 years on)

27/03/14: Maarten Hajer, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)/University of Amsterdam – Networked regions and cities in times of fragmentation:developing smart, sustainable, inclusive cities

24/04/14: Peter Hall, The Bartlett School of Planning – Good Cities, Better Lives in England’s Green and Pleasant Land

The lectures are monthly and start on 24 October, scheduled from 17:30 – 19:00. There will also be refreshments to follow, providing an opportunity to catch-up with alumni and to network with representatives from government, industry, academia and the wider community.

Our series culminates on 14 May 2014 with The Sir Peter Hall Centenary Lecture, with guest speaker Ann Markusen from the University of Minnesota.

Full details of all of the Centenary events, including information about how to book tickets, can be found on The Bartlett School of Planning website.

Kind Regards,

Dr Jo Williams PhD. MPhil. BSc (Hons) MRTPI. ILT
Director of Communications and Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Urbanism
The Bartlett School of Planning

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