Unit 22 trip to Chiang Mai- Logistical Information

Hello Unit 22,

My name is Julian, I will be your coordinator for the unit trip to Chiang Mai.
In order for the trip to run smoothly, I need the following information from everyone:

1)Full name of every student (name as in passport, for booking hotel)
2)Arrival Time in Bangkok
3)Arrival Time in Chiang Mai (flight number or bus time?) (also how will everyone get from bangkok to Chiang mai?)
4)I need to know how many people are interested in going to Pai after the workshop to stay on a Permaculture Farm for a few days? because I need to reserve accommodation with the owner.

If any of you have any questions regarding visa, transport or accommodation, you can ask me directly, my email is: zineil@hotmail.com. i will be very happy to answer your questions!

Just out of curiosity, has anyone in the Unit been to Chiang Mai before?
See you all in Chiang Mai.


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11 Responses to Unit 22 trip to Chiang Mai- Logistical Information

  1. Hello Julian, I´ll arrive to Chiang Mai on Sat 30 Nov 2013, 2045 hrs ( 8:45PM)! I thought it was the 1st! So happy!

  2. Hello Julian!
    Yes I have been to Chang Mai before! It was 6 years ago so I look forward to seeing what had changed.
    My name is Miss Sarah Firth, arriving Chang Mai 01-12-13 at 11:40am.

    I am really interested to go to Pai, please include me in this trip – what are the exact dates?
    Do you know about advice for travellers regarding immunisations / anti malarials?

    Thanks, Sarah

  3. Hello Sarah,
    Good to hear you have been to CM before, so you should know your bearing around the city. We will go to Pai on 8th, a day after finishing the workshop on the 7th, we will take a bus in the early morning, arriving in Pai before 12 hopefully. You are free to spend as many days in Pai as possible, 3-4 is recommended. We will be staying in an organic farm called Tacomepai, it has many gorgeous and amazing traditional hill-tribe huts we will be staying in (even has a tree house). there happen to be the annual rice harvest festival during our visit, so there should be many activities to take part in!

    Regarding Immunizations, I can not tell you the exact ones you need as I am not qualified to advice you, but I imagine you need the basic ones like hepatitis and typhoid, about Malaria, there are Malaria cases in Thailand, however it’s more common during the raining season and in remote forest areas, but I would check with your GP for best advice.


  4. Hello Carlos, I will see you in Chaing Mai on the 30th!

  5. Hi Julian,

    My name is Sirisan Nivatvongs.
    I have been to Chiang Mai before but I was too young to have any recollection of the trip.
    I am flying from BKK on the 1st Dec arriving at 9:20 am, on TG 102.
    I’m also interested in going to Pai between the 8th-10th. Then I will spend 2 more days in Chiangmai doing research for my history&theory essay- maybe travel up to Doi Suthep.


  6. Hi Julian,

    My name is Joshua Thomas.
    I have never been to Thailand before – very excited to make my first trip!
    I am flying to Bangkok on the 29th Dec arriving at 7:45pm, and plan on travelling to Chaing Mai on the 1st, possibly catching the same flight as Sarah (arriving at 11:40).
    I’m also interested in going to Pai between the 8th-10th.
    Many thanks,

  7. joannepreston says:

    HI Julian,

    My name is Joanne Preston, it’s my first trip to Thailand so i’m super excited!
    I arrive in Bangkok at 7.45pm on 29th December.
    I’m also arriving Chang Mai 01-12-13 at 11:40am – the same flight as Sarah, Akmal, Lilian and Jose- flight number FD3435 Air Asia.
    I’d also like to be included in the trip to Pai please.

    Thanks so much for organising! See you soon,

  8. Hello Julian!

    You know who I am but in case you forgot, my full name it is Akmal Afandi Azhar. I have never been to Thailand although I live just an hour drive from the country. My itinerary is exactly the same as Joanne, will arrive in Bangkok on 29th November at 19:45 and to Chiang Mai on 1st December at 11:40. I am also interested to do the Pai workshop, so really want myself to be included in the list. Thanks.

    Looking forward to seeing you there,

  9. Hi Julian,

    My name is Jose Ignacio Ortiz-Munoz, never been to Thailand before, so really quite excited about the trip and experience as a whole.
    I will be arriving to Chiang Mai on 01-12-13 at 11:40am together with a few other students.
    I am very interested about the workshop in Pai, so please include me in the list as well.
    Thank you ever so much.

  10. Hey Julian,

    My name is Hisham A Muazzam and I have only been to Bangkok once before when I was 5-6 years old and don’t really remember much so very excited about this trip.

    I will arrive in Bangkok with John Wu on the 28th of November at 18:45 on Qatar Airways flight number QR 832 at Bangkok SUVARNABHUMI International.

    I will arrive in Chiang Mai on the Sun 01 Dec 2013, 13:40 pm with John Wu in my Unit, AIR ASIA flight FD3441.

    I am also very interested about the workshop in Pai and would kindly like to join the list of other students in that workshop.




  11. Hi Julian,

    My name is Zhiyu Huang, and I have never been to Thailand so this is all very exciting for me.
    I will be arriving Bangkok on 29th November at 18:45, and 11:40 on 1st December to Chiang Mai (Flight number FD3435).
    I am really interested to go to Pai, so please add me to the list of the workshop.

    Many thanks,

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