This is a small temporary library stocked with children books. This library is located in passage space of the 21st century museum of contemporary art, Kanazawa. This passage space is characterized by round white wall. This wall is used as the bookshelf. This wall with books is thought of a “sacred space “. The wall is surrounded by L-shape passageway. This passageway has crisscrossing wooden beams painted in a distinctive vermilion hue that recalls both the entrance to a Shinto shrine and the steeply sloping pitch roofs of primitive house dwellings. L-shape passageway is thought of the way to “sacred space.” Visitors pass through this zone of transition and emerge into a kind of sacred grove.

Children books are filled with fantastic dreams. So, reading space for children books should be as “another world“ like a sacred space. But as too much visitors come to this museum, the passage space is always crowded. So, the reading space has to be separated from passageway. By making the L-shape passageway, triangular space including the round wall is created. If visitors are not interested in children books, they can just enjoy passing and going away through the L-shape tunnel. Only visitors who would like to read may come in the triangular space. They can feel free to enjoy reading without crowd.


The materials for L-shape passageway are only two. One is timber. The other is composite panel. The passageway is composed of 17 A-shape wooden frames. One frame is joined to the next frame by short wooden beams and composite panels. Every frame is made with only 5 timbers (Each timber ‘s size is 45mm*45mm*4000mm ). By this standardization we could complete the construction without professional carpenters for only 3 days. In addition, low cost construction was possible. To take passageway apart , it has taken only 3 hours. After disassemble, 17 frames were carried to another site. Now those frames are ready for new construction.

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