Laptops in Chiang Mai

Hello Unit 22,

Some of you have raised an important issue regarding bringing your laptops to Chiang Mai over the weekend. I forgot to address this issue with you earlier, which I think is quite important.

In order for all of you to efficiently produce work during the workshop, and also have the ability of working together simultaneously, I recommend each group should have at least one laptop they can use/share. This will save precious time and speed up the production process. Furthermore, Thai students might not have the software that you normally use.

Regarding safe keeping, the hotel you will be staying in is absolutely safe to keep your computers. When we go to Pai, I can safely look after all your computers while you are away, or if you don’t want to carry it around. And when you come back to Chiang Mai (which you all have to anyways before making onward journey to anywhere else) I can return the laptops to you.

Thank you all for your cooperation. Please let me know if anyone have any further concerns, I don’t want anyone to have any worries during your stay.


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