Chiang Mai Unit trip- Important Update

Dear Unit 22,

As you guys will be leaving London in the next day or two, there are some important information I would like everyone to take note.

1)Most of you will be arriving on Sunday the 1st of December, I’ve already told you about how you can check in in UNISERV, the hostel also have a list of all your names, if they don’t recognize Bartlett, UCL, tell then you are from Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University (FACMU).  If there is still a problem, tell them to call  me on this number: 0823881753.

2)we have organize couple of events for Sunday night, just to help you guys to bond with and get to know the Chiang mai Students, and also see a bit of the city before the workshop starts. Of course it’s not compulsory but I think it would be nice to do something all together on the first evening. So, on Sunday night, we will meet together, in UNISERV, at 6:30pm, we will go together and visit the walking street night market, it’s a great introduction to Chiang Mai. After we will go have dinner where Chiang Mai Students will join us.

3)On Monday morning, 2 vans will pick you guys up from UNISERV, at 8:15am, to bring you guys to the FACULTY, so please please be ready at 8:00am by reception. At 9:00 we have a kick-off session and opening ceremony in the Faculty, where we will officially introduce the project and sort out the groups. (as FACMU is sponsoring your accommodation and some of your transportation, they require formal opening/closing ceremonies…part of normal procedure I am afraid.) After the opening ceremony, we will go visit a few buildings in and around the city, which hopefully will serve as an inspiration for the workshop. We will be back to FACMU in the afternoon and start a design session for the workshop, where you guys can start the final negations about the designs!

Have a safe journey to Bangkok and Chiang Mai

see you guys soon.



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