Chiang Mai Workshop 3D files needed for Magazine Publication

Hello Unit 22,

I hope you are all safely back in London or your current destination, wherever you are around the world, and are well rested and recovered from the workshop. It was really amazing having you guys here and I enjoyed every moment of it and am very proud of all your designs, they are all still here and attracting many interests! The Chiang Mai students all gave me very positive feedback and I really appreciate all you guy’s hard work and effort each one of you have contributed to the 7 days, it was an immense effort! So many many congratulations! And, of course all the trees are super happy and is flourishing under the sun, i will of course keep watering it and taking care of it.
Now, I think i mentioned at the start of the workshop that ART4D magazine (Thailand’s biggest architectural magazine, i guess equivalent of AJ) is going to publish your designs and the workshop beginning of next year. I am now in the process of putting together an article for them, but of course, I need some killer drawings to go with the article. But first of all, I would like to collect all your 3D files of the 5 different designs, (to save me time to measure each installations and every detail). doesn’t matter if the files are not of the complete design, even small details or fragments of the installation would be super useful. please either upload it on the blog or send it to my email, its:

Also anyone have good photos of the workshop, please also upload them, i need some photo too i am afraid. I only used a phone camera which is not very good quality. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you guys for your time and your help again, I hope to see you all in London before your year ends! take care for now and have a great xmas and new year!


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