DEAR all!
First of all thank you very much for those that as requested, sent us the information we needed in order to give you the best feedback this week.
We will be available for one to one tutorials 2 days, Wednesday and Thursday, this is the schedule so we let you chose the most convenient order for you>
A/ WEDNESDAY THE 7TH OF MAY> from 15:00 onward. We would like to see 5-6 students in total, we suggest to see all 4th years (the hand in is closer) and 2 5th years.
B/ THURSDAY THE 8TH OF MAY> from 9:30 onward. we would like to see all the rest of you.
please use the blog to choose the order> if not is SUPER MESSY. And here this BBC podcast from my heroine Lucy Duran> http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p005xk9d
Izaskun and Carlos
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7 Responses to WEEK SCHEDULE

  1. Sirisan – Wednesday – Last 4th year
    Akmal – Wednesday – After 4th years

    Joanne – Thursday – First
    Lilian – Thursday – Second
    JI – Thursday – Third

  2. Gabe – Thursday – Forth

  3. Sarah – Thursday – Fifth

  4. Josh – Weds – First fourth year

  5. Zhiyu – Thursday – Sixth

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