Dear All! 

HOW ARE YOU DOING??? sure very well! Last week was very good and this one is going to be even better! please stay focus and reduce the levels of stress that are TOTALLY counterproductive!
This week, Izaskun and I will be ready for One to One tutorials 2 days, Wednesday from 15:00 onward, and Thursday (all day). Please let´s use the blog to let everybody know the running order.
please, here this podcast to put work and life in perspective: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p005xk2b  (gamelan music from Indonesia).
Izaskun and Carlos
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12 Responses to WEEK ACTIVITIES, 20140512.

  1. lamyuensar says:

    Thursday 3rd for Lilian please!

  2. joannepreston says:

    Thursday 2nd please

  3. Please could I go 3rd on Weds

  4. sorry misread earlier comments please can I go 1st on Weds 🙂

  5. second wednesday please. thanks

  6. jose ignacio: thursday fourth

  7. third one on wednesday please
    xiaoying lin

  8. the fifth ONE on wednesday for sirisan THX!

  9. Wednesday fourth please. Jennifer

  10. thursday fifth please! thanks!

  11. Thursday sixth please, thanks!

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