REFERENCE, Andres Jaque and Victor Moreno, New Architecture Narratives Lecture *

New Architecture Narratives

A lecture by the acclaimed architect Andrés Jaque followed by a conversation with Brendan Cormier, editor and curator, V&A

What are the borders of architecture? How has the discipline evolved to face the non-stop challenges of the city? What means can be used to communicate and connect with society?  This lecture is lead by Silver Lion recipient and acclaimed Spanish architect / theorist Andrés Jaque, as he explores the new narratives that contemporary architecture employ to engage with the public realm and the persuit to define the limitations of this modernised profession. This lecture will be followed by a Q&A with Brendan Cormier, lead curator of 20th and 21st century design for the Shekou Partnership at the V&A.


New Architecture Narratives Lecture / 9 October 2014, 7pm. Barbican Centre, Cinema 2. 
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IKEA Disobedients, Madrid by Office for Political Innovation. Courtesy Miguel de Guzmán

The Building

The UK premiere screening of of this documentary followed by a screentalk with its director Victor Moreno and Monocle’s Madrid correspondent, Liam Aldous.


The UK premiere of the controversial behind-the-scenes documentary examining the ambitious renovation of the emblematic Edificio España in Madrid, which symbolises prosperity under Francisco Franco’s regime. This significant project involved over two hundred workers of different nationalities, who incorporated a narrative of unusual anecdotes and their personal experiences into the memory of the place, turning it into an immense citadel of enduring Babel. The UK premiere of The Building will be followed by an intimate ScreenTalk session with its director Victor Moreno and Liam Aldous, journalist and Madrid correspondent for Monocle.


Spain 2013 Dir Victor Moreno 94 min. 

The Building / 23 October 2014, 7pm. Barbican Centre, Cinema 2. 
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  Still of the documentary The Building. Courtesy Victor Moreno

Gonzalo Herrero Delicado
architect – curator – writer

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