ACTIVITIES OF THE WEEK 27th to 31st of October, UPDATED 15:08.

Dear all!

How are you doing? Hope you are happy with this awesome re-spring day! Here you have the list of activities of the week, but please don´t consider this a come-down-to-hearth post… We will keep our spirit in the mood for spring!

  • Monday the 27th of October, the incredible Thomas Pearce is going to meet you in the evening, at the UNIT22 space. The students should come with very specific sketches so we can work on solving those… SUCH A GOOD DEAL! Where there is no imagination there is no horror” Sr. Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • Wednesday the 29th of October, first slit from 13:30 to 15:35, and second slot from 17:15 onward. ONE TO ONE tutorials. HR140 1.33. Izaskun and I will see 12 students´works, in 35 minutes slots, 10 minutes of presentation + 25 minutes of commentaries. THIS TUTORIAL IS FOCUS IN FABRICATION! I propose to start with the last students of the auto-CRIT, so we keep it as fair as possible. The more concise your presentation, the more accurate the commentaries can be, and last longer. “The devil’s voice is sweet to hear”. Stephen King 

loads of haunted energy 😉

Izaskun and Carlos

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